Home In a Picture

By Mohini Babbar

 Capturing a place, its essence, and its stories as they are is a unique art. Especially in capturing a home; a place filled with love, hope, and dreams. Or the giant forest, flora and fauna, and their evergreen beauty. These images from the Leica Oskar Barnack Award capture the relationship between man and nature. Let’s read more about this home in a picture.

This is the 40th edition of LOBA has two winners one for newcomer and the other was the overall winner.

Winner 2020: Luca Locatelli

Newcomer 2020: Goncalo Fonseca

Luca Locatelli an Italian born in 1971 has worked as an software engineer for ten years before he started his pictorial documentary in 2006. He won in the main category of LOBA’s anniversary year for his series called “Future Studies” along with prize money of 40,000 euros and camera equipment valued at 10,000 euros. The selection acknowledged by LOBA was specifically produced between 2015 and 2019. Dedicating his series it to the energy turnaround and future of food production, he certainly has questioned the concept of growth and our relationship with technology, Which are very current, burning questions allowing for intense debate.

Luca Locatelli says,” One of the most characteristic symptoms of the time in which we live is the growing sense of loss of a better future; of a hypothetical tomorrow, perceived as something promising and yet unknown.”

Goncalo Fonseca a Portuguese photographer has been honoured in the young talent category in LOBA’s anniversary year for his series “New Lisbon

Along with the title he receives a photographic assignment, a two-week tutoring course at Leica Camera AG Headquarters in Wetzlar, and a Leica Q, valued at 5,000 euros. The most talked-about series of this young talent was about his images of Lisbon after a mass explosion. As a result of property costs in the capital spiraled, more than 10,000 inhabitants lost their homes.

Goncalo Fonseca says,” I take a very dedicated approach to my work and to the people I photograph. I have kept in touch with almost everyone who took the brave step of sharing their lives with me, here in Lisbon.

The two honoured photographic series show a world many don’t get to see. As the eyes of a man’s imagination, nature is always the art and the imagination.

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