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By Jo Phillips

Once upon a time there was a tatty old sci-fi novel called Hellflower. It was a book all about a populace addicted to flowers, so the makers of Boujee Bougies candles (Pia Long – Perfumer, writer
Nick Gilbert – Creative director, writer, Thomas Dunckley – Writer, visual creative, Ezra-Lloyd Jackson – Designer, perfumer’s assistant) decided the name of the book and the concept was totally ‘ ‘up their street’. So they went out and and just created a candle with the same name. Apparently the the novel is terrible, but it was the diving off point for a new collection of quite delicious candles. Some people are not drawn to the intensity of self perfuming but a great way forward that nearly all love, is a scented home. They create an atmosphere, tell a story or compliment your personal space. Read more about Boujee Bougies here in Home Love.

Image Alexander Baxter

Meet Boujee Bougie a new candle range. Made to an exquisite high level because those behind the brand work inside the scent industry so they know their onions when it comes to the world of fragrance. So fused together with wonderful scents is a humour running through the brand, they may well be super serious about the candles they make but thankfully they come with a ‘big-olde’ sense of cheeky humour.There are five candles in the collection, so lets starting with the original one the one that got the party started so to speak.

Hellflower – the burning question here…what does a flower in hell smell like? So Boujee Bougies say

” a post-apocalyptic floral bursting with the sulphuric brilliance of grapefruit, proving that a touch of the dangerous and the deadly is sometimes needed to enhance beauty. And as far as we’re concerned, if the world ends in an explosion of sparkling flowers”

Bursting open with a bright zingy citrus hit of grapefruit, that allows room ultimately for the majestic florals of magnolia, and Jasmine

Cuir Culture, is up next, from the leather of a comfy library armchair to the straps of a bedroom harness…. they say

“a daring and unashamed celebration of the bold beauty of queer culture. It is rich, irreverent and proud. With the smell of leather at its most raw and carnal, accented by the dusty sweetness of old books and warm spice. It’s like a chilled Sunday afternoon spent leafing through vintage erotica or polishing your harness. Sure, it’s raunchy, but therein lies the fun! Whatever your pleasure, whether you’re into the spicy top or the powerful bottom, we don’t judge”.

As for the facets that make it up? animalic notes of course alongside , raw leather, softened off with cedarwood.

Want more Home Love? May be your tastes are a little more fruity?

Queen Jam the next candle, may be more your thing? They say

“raspberries and bilberries, divinely delicious and it also has a beautiful name so you probably know where this is going: yes, we made a candle that is just as sticky, juicy, tart and fresh as this decadent treat. Our Queen Jam throws in a few roses (because there are few things greater in life than rose petals swirled together with succulent berries) to make things more luscious and just ever so slightly green”

So think, tart berries purple roses and finished with a flash of fresh greenness via rose, raspberry leaf, myrrh.

Next up an ode to Succulent, those wiley hardy plants that are amazing for those of us that are not so green fingered and who sometimes forget to water the plants regularly, they talk of


“A tribute to the noble botanicals that bring beauty and joy to our homes, without any of the hassle of actually growing anything. With juicy green notes of cactus and tomato leaf, Succulent is verdant and fresh, evoking a glass conservatory overflowing with lush tendrils. Succulent offers an abundance of green, with fruits, flowers and leaves carried upward in a rush of musk, all in one humble little pot. Just don’t water it, because, you know, it’s a candle…”

So think houseplants that evoke the jungle with geranium, cactus, and yummy tomato leaf.

Lastly for those with ‘higher intentions’ there is the very mystical


“If the walls in a church could talk, what would they say? Would they speak in smoky whispers of frankincense? What secrets could be found beneath the patina of ages on cold stone floors? Would they reveal hidden truths about ourselves; of our destiny, our origin? Gilt explores these mysteries, bringing together ancient resins, spices and woods, and shrouds them in a veil of gold. A scent that captures the quiet, contemplative nature of rituals seen through smoke, and a touch of guilt. Light the candle. We are ready for your confession”

Light it up and explore whispered confessions, smoky incense, gold leaf via age old amber, labdanum, and aromatic aldehydes.

All the candles in both size (220g burning up to 50 hours and up to 20 hours for 60g ) are composed by their in-house perfumer and compounded in Grasse, France, made with 100% natural wax; a unique blend of rapeseed, soy and beeswax, which leads to a perfectly clean and even burn. .

Scent is one of the most simple pleasure in life something that can lift your spirits and make your home just a bit more loving, but with Boujee Bougie the humour compounded into the fragrance just brings an added facet.

Candle images by AlexanderBaxter.co Here Read more about Boujee Bougies Here, and if you enjoyed Home Love then why not read Location Inspiration Here

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