Home Nurture

By Jo Phillips

What makes a brand a design classic? What makes a brand internationally recognisable?  These are brands that when you see something from then you know it’s them.  That’s great design, great brand acknowledgment, alongside usually great heritage a clear concise ever-present signature. Think Nike, think the black and white of Chanel so easy to imagine, and another band when you think of great heritage alongside great design, and great visual identity is French brand diptyque. Their latest add-on is taking that heritage and nurturing it into new beautiful pieces for their home collection. Find out more in Home Nurture here.

Known throughout the world for its incredible scented candles and fragrance offering which comes into everyone’s mind alongside its black and white visual sensibility, chic graphic presentation; see this aesthetic contained within whatever they do and which just so happens to be the very essence of their DNA.

The diptyque’s three creators were true explorers. Craftsman Yves Coueslant, artist Desmond Knox-Leet, and interior designer Christiane Gautrot travelled the world, seeking out unique objects and materials to bring originality, and craftsmanship to offer up in their initial Parisian store, 34, boulevard Saint-Germain; a boutique for objets d’art before really being known for their fragrance exploration.

The very cornerstone of its heritage and DNA eclectic and one-of-a-kind rarities is being re-celebrated and re-explored in this, their 60th birthday year, with their home objects. Closely working with skilled designers, find an offering of opulent table settings and candle holders, integrated with whimsical modernity into artisanal traditions.

Decorating the home, something now so ingrained in our consciousness especially since so many of us having been shut in our houses for such prolonged periods. We know our homes need to be places to relax, feel safe and enjoy; lift our spirits, and nurture us.

Playing with patterns and shapes via white and black graphics, a whole new dialect which includes kinetic curves, geometric gyrations, indulging optical illusions alongside a touch of trompe-l’oeil. Explore the homeware collections that include patterns like Basile (a heritage pattern), ovals (from its distinct label), as well as freestyle Compositions.

Coasters covered in ovals; porcelain patterned plates, goblets in Murano glass stretch spirals into ribbons. Figuier candle’s flame glows from a marble podium; rectangular trinket trays are caught in improvisation with ovals on lanterns. These decorative objects are crafted, vibrant, and alive, objects that play an enchanting part in our homes.

The Basile design can be seen from the very first collections of fabrics for furniture dating back to the 1960s, diptyque’s heritage more than anything encapsulates the Brand’s eye for graphic detail. By playing with a stroke’s intensity and thickness; the contrast of black on white, the velocity of curves. Radical, geometric, abstract a paragon of Parisian style.

The Ovals collection unsurprisingly is inspired by its legendary “Pretorian” pattern. This oval motif on all the candles and perfumes has been a most faithful companion from the very beginning, this pattern, drawn in free-hand and quintessentially asymmetrical never stopped being part of the brand’s story; is explored, forward, here.

Last but not least find the Freestyle collection. diptyque gives free rein to serendipitous encounters with the world of artisans, paying tribute to their timeless savoir-faire; transforming interiors into a personal theatre of wonders.

This new imagination, a graphic dialogue continuing to enchant, create and infuse homes with magic, everywhere and every day.

What a wonderful way to re-image and celebrate. Image a beautiful graphic plate, see a massive cake with lots of candles on it; a wonderful 60th birthday image for diptyque.

Collection available; diptyque Westbourne Grove – 195 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, London W11 2SB. diptyque Brook Street – 37 Brook St, Mayfair, London W1K 4HH. diptyque Marylebone – 68 Marylebone High St, Marylebone, London W1U 5JH


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