House Shinny

By Adlin Pinto

‘Tis the season of shimmer and shine a time, of adding some sparkle to your homes. But have you thought of giving a metallic finish to your home and making it look shimmery all through the year ? Well metallics are having their moment back in the spotlight. As well as being very now, being very much about a design aesthetic, metallics have the beauty of timeless glamour. They also play an important role in fashion and cosmetics, but here we explore the shimmer shine and utter joy in furnishings and electronic devices in order to add that touch of sparkle all year round. Enjoy reading House Shinny here.

Metallics work so well with many colours, hues, tints and shades and it is partly this as to why they are so often seen in home design. Look mat any room in the house for a touch of glimmering metal can make a space more glamorous instantly.

Below are just a few design ideas that will bring just the right amount of lustre to a home.

A good place to start is with Hardware because it is easy to replace. An old set of drawers can be simply upcycled with shinny new handles. Adding doorknobs or handles in gold, silver, and copper on kitchen and bathroom cabinets, but don’t limit yourself to those rooms. Look on craft sites to find unusual unique designs.

Copper Metal Animal Cupboard Door Handles, Animal Drawer Pulls | Copper Iron Cabinet Knobs by DesignInFocus

Wall paint and textures.

If you are looking for more than just a subtle hint of metallic, wall paint is a great way to create a focal point in the room that is sure to make a major statement.  If you truly want to go glam, you can consider adding interesting texture on the walls or ceiling. Look on craft sites to find unusual unique designs.

Coaster Gloss Resin Painting Art Tiles with Gold Black Glitter Metallic Cosmos by Art studio painting 999.


If the living room or bedroom is neutral, adding metallic furniture pieces is a perfect way to infuse a bit of glam invest in a gold coffee table or bar stools or simply paint over existing pieces in metallic colours. This will make the furniture stand out. You can also mix and match metallics like brass, silver and copper for a shimmery effect. Look on websites to find some amazing designs.

Inspired by the archetypal shape of a cylindrical vase, the Pandora drawer unit by Martinelli Venezia Studio is described as a modern treasure chest.  The totem-like units can be made with between one and six drawers, enabling them to be used as a storage tables, bedside tables or full chests of drawers.

Indoor lightning

Lights, be it hanging, wall lights or table lamps, can be a focal point of a room. And if they have an element of shine and sparkle, they are going to instantly brighten up the space. Golden lamps are a great addition to decorate a space with metallic tones. They have the capability to set the tone for the room. Look on websites to find some amazing designs.

Tala is a British lighting brand based on Vyner Street in east London.  This latest statement light fixture from Tala combines nine signature Oak pendants with nine distinctive, sculptural Voronoi II bulbs.


Metallic textiles can help you bring in that luxe vibe without having to add in heavy metal furniture or architectural detailing. They are one of the cheapest and quickest ways to incorporate a bit of metallic in your home décor. If you have windows in a room, opt for textured golden made to measure curtains for subtle gold accents. Or use a throw with metallic threads for added comfort and class. You can also use rugs, bedspreads and cushion covers in metallic hues to create a sophisticated corner in the house. Look on websites to find some amazing designs.

Iliana Eyelet Room Darkening Curtains by Ashley Wilde curtains.


A necessity for music lovers, but a major sore point for design fans. They are looking for both high performance and gorgeous design so that it can blend well with the home interior. Ok, these amazing speakers may not be golden but they are crystal clear.

Transparent, the Stockholm-based modular electronics brand, has unveiled its latest addition to its Upcrafted range, the Acoustic Sculpture. It offers the brand’s signature sound a clear, crisp sound that reflects the true intentions of the artist. Designed for enjoying a rich and balanced sound experience, the speaker features a Class D built-in amplifier and a 2 x 15w power output.

Metallic home décor ideas can be fused in any room of the house. Whether you are doing a complete kitchen rehaul or designing a new guest room, you can use these metallic ideas easily.

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