How to Dress

By Jo Phillips

Casino Dress Code

Many people out there have been confused at one time or the other about what to wear to a casino. Though the casinos are like household names in some places, many people still have not visited one before. Even those that have been to casinos several times still struggle to pick the appropriate dress for casino days and nights. While comfortable loungewear and your lucky slippers would be perfectly acceptable at an online Nektan casino, here we are going to give you a guide on how to suitably dress for a trip out to a casino.

Why People Are Confused

One major thing about casinos that stands is there are casino etiquette and protocol. Most of the laymen would think that the brick and mortar casinos are shrouded in mystery and that only people who are used to it would understand its workings. The reason for this is because the land-based casinos used to be for the affluent in society. Because of this, the organization had a lot of rules and regulations governing it.

The Present Day Situation

At present, the casinos are no longer an exclusive reserve of any class. It’s now a mainstream thing, with the UK having more than 100 brick and mortar houses nationwide for people of all means to enjoy, with Edinburgh, Birmingham, and London having the highest number. The arrival of online casinos took casino gaming to more people, such that once you have an internet-enabled device, you can enjoy your games.

Casino Dress Code for Ladies

At the time when casinos were full of old men in suits with lots of smoky rooms for them to puff as they like, there were lots of dress codes to follow. But now, all you need is to dress as reasonably as you like, and you won’t have prying eyes judging you. The best form of dress would be the type you wear to a restaurant or bar around. However, there are high class casinos in the cities that whenever you want to visit them, you should try and be smartly dressed. Below is an explanation of different levels of smart dressing that you can employ.

Casino Night Dress

If you plan to visit a casino at night when you know you will definitely have some drinks and perhaps become a little tipsy, you have to dress accordingly. While you would be out of line to come in leggings or sportswear, a semi-formal cocktail dress will do. However, your comfort and the casino you are visiting must be considered. The cardinal points are;

  • Never flaunt or expose too much skin – the watchword is to mix sexy with demure
  • Don’t ever go with leggings
  • Select wears that can go with little amount of jewellery

Casino Day Dress

So far as you are on the part of smart dressing, casinos do not scrutinize much of their customers’ wears during the day. However, something like gym clothes would be out of place, and don’t go there looking sporty and sweaty. One thing to note here is that casinos love people that come during the day because only a few people do that. So, they would be freer to people’s clothing during the day.

  • Casino Clothes As Portrayed In Movies: Sharon Stone in ‘Casino’

Now, if you have seen the movie ‘Casino’, you would remember the type of clothes that Sharon Stone normally visited the casinos with. Though the wardrobe for the movie is rumoured to cost a huge amount in the region of $1 million, it could be your inspiration. The character of Ginger McKenna and her glamour, beauty and energy, coupled with her dress to the casinos should inspire you.

  • Casino Dress Advice from Top Fashion and Casino Bloggers

Raquel of Free Total – advises on two looks. One is of oriental style involving a kimono, silver clutch, sparkly shoes, earrings and red lipstick. The second is a classic cocktail dress style.

Coco – El Estilario – talks about a tailored gown, a bag with a chain to the shoulder that drops to midi length for high-end casinos, and black leather trousers, with a silk and blazer top and high heeled sandals for lower casinos.

Casino Dress for Men

Men can generally take a clue from what Al Pacino always wore to the casinos in the movie ‘Casino’. Most times, it would come down to long sleeved and collared shirts, with the top buttons left open, upon smart jeans, complemented with brown boots or shoes. At some time, you may decide to go with grey or navy blue chinos instead of the jeans.

In Vegas, many people will like to have their shorts and shirts during the day. Because of the air conditioners in the hotels and restaurants, a high jacket or jumper should also be worn with them.  Because you will walk most of the time, you can come with flip flops.

For the night in Vegas, you need to look elegant because the crux of the action happens now. Come with nice jeans or any trousers, with a collared shirt and with your boots or shoes.

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