I Am Love

By Jo Phillips

Affirmations work by repetition but until we really have embedded them into our consciousness would it be helpful to have a little reminder? A little scented Self-love? Get yourself covered find out more in I Am Love

Affirmations those phrases or statements there for you to repeat regularly are said to shift negative thought patterns and promote positive thinking, self-esteem, and motivation.

In times when self-esteem seems to be on the rise and many look to find peace and happiness in more than just material things all forms of wellness are massively on the rise

That’s the idea behind affirmations is that they need to be integrated into everyday practice. A form of repetition that almost tricks the brain into believing the words coming out of our mouths

Many celebrities are ‘vocal’ fans including Jennifer Lopez and Michelle Obama possibly because they are simple ways to help.

But getting into regular practice can be a little more difficult as it involves reminding yourself constantly. But what if there was a little way to remind yourself? Meet the new Af ‘Flame’ation luxury candle range from Bruler, created by Danielle Stigwood with affirmative messages on each.

Danielle studied Business Entrepreneurship at the University Of Greenwich and then worked with tech businesses for over 7 years. Creating Brûler in 2020, Danielle wanted a creative business that kept her occupied during the pandemic. The business is now growing steadily with Danielle offering candle-making classes so she can share her love of the process with other people. The collection has also grown to include diffusers to really bring the beautiful fragrances to life.

‘Being a lover of all things home fragrance, I was fed up with spending ££££s on candles that smelt better on that shelf than they did when you burnt them. I created Brûler to share aesthetically beautiful candles that can fill a room and even a house with fragrance and don’t cost the Earth. An added bonus is that I find the process of candle-making so therapeutic so it’s a win-win for everyone!

Danielle Stigwood

The collection is made up of three different slogans, I AM STRONG, I AM RICH and I AM ENERGISED with each carrying a different scent, all with the intention of manifesting a positive mindset.

I AM STRONG features a strong Incense & Leather fragrance so find smokey transformative Incense, with sexy deep Leather and warm spicy Pink Pepper providing you with a spiced woody opening, bringing to its finale creaminess from notes of Sandalwood, Vanilla and Oud.

Those that already practice mindfulness, gratitude and wellness will know that wealth comes in many forms happiness, health love and wealth.

I AM RICH is indulgent by nature, with top notes of creamy, soft woody and green elements via Black Fig and dry grassy ‘rootiness’ from Vetiver. As well find soft spice of Anise, brightness from Citrus Fruits, and warmth from Cedar, Coconut, Tonka and Amber.

I AM ENERGISED is the fragrance to burn in order to kick-start your day; notes of fruity rich Black Plum and Rhubarb, sit with more luscious rounded fruit notes of Pear, Peach, and Blackberry.

Each scent comes in two options: a 10 cl tin candle offering offers 10 hrs burning time and a 30 cl glass candle that gives 40hrs on average.

Est. in 2020 Brûler offers luxury soy wax candles and diffusers handmade in London and the range also includes two moulded candles Peachy & Lippy Both candles are unscented and made out of 100% Soy Wax; both are perfect pieces to decorate a home.

The initial candle collection now contains 17 different scents including notes like Black Cherry, Cashmere and Oud, driftwood and rock salt, and tropical breeze to name but a few. There are also 16 reed diffusers in the collection.

If keeping your affirmations going then there is a subscription option avaiable. £15 a month will bring a new 30cl candle monthly or bi-monthly featuring a brand new fragrance, available to subscribers only. 

As much as doing any kind of daily practice is good for the soul, so is a little me time is ways of a delightfully scented candle so it can only be a fuller moment when the two come together.

To find out all you need to know visit BrulerCandles.com

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