I Married Myself

By Jo Phillips

I realised I had no interest in waiting for a ring from someone else, so I married myself. I realised, I am a strong independent woman, I don’t need to wait for an offer. Therefore I married myself.

I bought my own ring

I choose a fine silver band to marry myself. The thinnest, slightest most elegant band; on it sits a small silver disk.

My wedding present to myself.

I put my own ring on my own finger

On said disk, I had my initial J engraved. To remind myself of my commitment to myself. My own power and the care I take with myself.

I slipped it on my wedding finger. It glints to remind me I married myself.

Everyday it’s there on my finger. Not showy or flash just an elegant reminder that I married myself.

I bought my own ring, because hey I can; because I’m a woman in her own power and I don’t need no one to buy me a ring!

A daily reminder, a momentary glance down at my hand and a little shot of joy there reminding me of me.

I married myself, well with just a ring but that ring means everything to me, oh and by the way, it is made using recycled Sterling silver is eco-friendly and ethical. It didn’t cost the earth or hurt the earth.

It was made by hand in the Wild Fawn studio in London where production is fair and transparent. So my ring heals in many ways.

This also means my ring was made with no exploitation of workers or unnecessary C02 emissions.

And lastly cos this is one to empower us ladies, Wild Fawn jewellery is an all-female team of six. All pieces are handmade, finished & packed in their studio.

Empower yourself and get your own ring or maybe something else from the collection at Wild Fawn Jewellery

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