By Jo Phillips

Find out here about great icebreaker ideas to start a great party

Parties are a lot of fun. They’re a chance to let loose with friends and loved ones, celebrate something important, and even share gifts if the time is right. However, sometimes, it can be challenging to get the people in your group out of “everyday mode” and into party mode.

If you’re struggling to get the people around you into the right mindset, then Icebreaker ideas could be the perfect solution. They work in various kinds of social setting to get people talking. All you need to do to start things off on the right foot is make sure that you understand the personality of the group, and what kind of things they’d find appealing.

When is an Icebreaker a Good Idea?

Icebreakers are an excellent way to start a party before you get into the awkward parts like gift-giving, when you’re not sure how someone might respond to a present. You can start business-related events this way to help professionals get talking, and you can also launch standard social experiences with an icebreaker. In social settings, it’s easier to let your icebreaker be a bit more lighthearted, as you don’t have to worry about rubbing a supervisor the wrong way.

When you’re trying to pick the best icebreaker option for your party, the best thing you can do is think about the context. Baby showers often benefit from ice-breakers because they bring people from different families and social circles together. There are tons of great baby-themed ice breakers and games out there, like guessing the baby’s weight or just identifying baby photos of celebrities.

However, the same games might not go down as well if you were bringing people together for a professional team bonding session.

Ideas for Icebreaker Games

As mentioned above, the best icebreaker games are based on the situation or the party’s context. Here are some ideas to suit different kinds of event.Business function: If you’re throwing a business function or event, start by asking people to pair up with people they don’t know and learn as much as they can about that other person within a specific period of time. When the time is over, you can ask the person to introduce the person they’ve learned about, rather than getting everyone to introduce themselves.

Bridal showers: Bridal games are tons of fun, and a great way to break the ice. Instead of getting everyone to introduce themselves one by one, consider having everyone write down a story about themselves and the bride and put it into a hat. Everyone in the group can then guess who wrote the story.

Baby showers: There are countless baby shower ice breakers out there. A common one is guessing what’s in the diaper. This game involves getting a lot of diapers and filling them with things like melted chocolate and baby food. It’s not a very sophisticated game, but it’s a great way to get people chatting and laughing.

A birthday party: If you’re struggling to bring people together in a social situation like a birthday party, then human bingo could be a great and informative ice-breaker to get everyone together. You start by filling out a grid with various characteristics like “has a nut allergy” or “speaks multiple languages”. The guests then need to go around and collect signatures from the people who have those characteristics. The first person to get the whole card filled out is the winner.

A moving party: Why not combine the fun of unpacking with the joy of moving to a new house in a moving party? Break the ice by getting people to guess what’s in a box by weighing it in their hands. Try to avoid asking people to measure anything fragile, as it can be difficult to convince people not to shake the boxes if they’re lightweight enough.

When to Break the Ice?

The best time to start working on breaking the ice at any party is when everyone has arrived, and the music is still low. Before things kick off fully with drinks, food, and even gift exchanges, pull everyone together for a session of games and fun that will leave them feeling like they know each other a little better. This reduces the risk that everyone will end up in their own corner, talking only to the people they already know.

Throwing together a great ice breaker is a fantastic way to get your attendees to loosen up!

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