Icon; A Classic that Never Misses the Spot

By Jo Phillips

Designer Fragrances You Can’t Go Wrong With

Don’t be afraid to give the gift of a beautiful fragrance! Our selection is all hits and no misses.

Many people shy away from buying fragrance as a present because they’re not sure what the recipient likes. Luckily, there are some universally loved staples, modern classics and even unique works of art that will always save the day. All you need to do is trust the right brand.

Classic Doesn’t Mean Boring

There are certain fragrances that were pretty much made to suit a wide variety of tastes while still remaining perfectly recognisable. The way they achieve this difficult task is usually by wrapping a floral heart in warm notes of vanilla and rare woods.

If you’re after something likeable but not lazy, you might want to go for a Hugo Boss perfume. For instance Hugo Boss Deep Red is our long-time favourite precisely because it’s so lovely but different. Plus, it’s a great example of a perfume not everyone owns, so you don’t run a risk of blending in with the crowd too much.


As for a Hugo Boss aftershave, the Boss Bottled has been popular since 1998, and for a good reason. The gourmand notes of vanilla, cinnamon and apple are given a certain pleasant edge thanks to sandalwood, bergamot and vetiver, creating a seductive and classic aroma.


Obsessed with Scent

Another reliable brand of tried-and-tested fragrances is definitely Calvin Klein. While you might want to skip Euphoria or Eternity this time – if only for the reason they’re a little too popular to work as a personal gift – you should try a different Calvin Klein perfume, namely the beautiful Calvin Klein Obsessed.


As the name itself suggests, this fragrance launched in 2017 is related to Obsession, one of the most iconic perfumes of the 1980s. That being said, Obsessed is very modern and sure to enchant its wearer with delightful notes of white flowers and herbs.

Looking for a men’s fragrance to give someone you might not know that well personally? Obsessed actually has a masculine counterpart, in this case built around notes of leather, cardamom and vanilla which blend into the most delicious sweet spiciness.


Care for a Little Adventure?


Finally, here comes the most difficult question: What to do if you don’t know a person’s taste, except for the fact that they enjoy all things premium? In this case, you don’t want to pick something safe. Your goal is to find a fragrance that clearly advertises its exclusivity while not alienating the person who will receive it.

It’s clear that what you need is a brand with a respected and revered name. It’s also quite obvious it shouldn’t be one that specialises in outrageous experiments. For this, you need the work of a true genius – and you’ll find him in Tom Ford.

While his fragrances for women and his stylish genderless line might be the most well-known, we should absolutely not forget about the beauty of a Tom Ford aftershave. Specifically the alluring Grey Vetiver is a marvellous fragrance, based on one of the sexiest, most refreshing notes. Vetiver smells irresistible all year round, but especially in the warmer months.

Black Orchid, on the other hand, was one of the first fragrances by Tom Ford’s personal brand and still remains probably the best women’s perfume to get when you’re shopping for someone with a discerning taste.




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