Icon; wool in all its forms

By Jo Phillips

What would you do to bring a little bit of luxury into your home this holiday season?  Would you comb a goat? Would you go panning in a river?
If Christmas is not a time for a treat then when is?  Some luxuries are out of most peoples ability to make themselves or out of people’s  price range, think a diamond encrusted Rolex or a matt silver Ferarri… However there are some things that sit within affordable luxuries.
Cashmere is one of life’s little luxuries.  There is nothing quite like the feeling of being wrapped up in its soft strong warm fibres.   It’s far warmer than sheep’s wool , lighter and far more desirable on the skin. Cashmere wool,’s name  actually coming from the area in northern India called  Kashmir, and is obtained from cashmere goats and other goats.

Cashmere is collected during the spring moulting season when the goats naturally shed their winter coat.  The harder longer fibres need to be raked to remove the coarse hair leaving only the softest fibres for cashmere knitwear. In some regions, the mixed mass of down and coarse hair is removed by hand with a coarse comb. This gives an idea as to why Cashmere is a luxury product

There is a British brand a high street British brand that when it first started it started with menswear, then came womenswear, and  has always had as part of the offering is magnificent a cashmere offering.

Jigsaw’s cashmere pieces are made from 100% pure cashmere yarn. Using the lightest and softest natural fibres to ensure softness against the skin, each style is put through a careful process of testing and reviewing.  They use innovations to develop unique finishes and weight, as well as  custom dyeing for exclusive colour palettes. So should you want jewel coloured knits or stripes or soft baby tones you will find a fantastic offering .  However, there is another detail worth knowing about the brands cashmere collection.  They have created several types of the yarn into jumpers and items.

Firstly there is  Cloud Cashmere.  This is a type that is  lofty, weightless and like the name suggest its fuzzy and cloud like.. Its lighter than some types but is extreme warm and also very good to layer. Thicker knitting needles are used which help to create this light soft pieces.

Next is Halo Cashmere , which is also soft, delicate and is carefully knitted and given a specialist wash to impart a delicate halo effect and cosy feel. This style of knit has a natural ‘fur’ which adds to it’s luxurious feel against the skin .

Lastly there is Life Cashmere This is your  warm and reliable style of knit which is a longer lasting style.  Described by the brand as soft, warm and trusted, Life cashmere is the wearable duvet you’ll never want to unwrap.

What is also so important to know is that the Jigsaw process includes ethically souring direct  yarn from the mountains of Mongolia.  Items are made from 100% pure cashmere yarn. They  utilise innovations to develop our own unique finish and weight, to custom dye the knitwear.  One last note worth mentioning is that the brand use trims knitting techniques, ribbing,  covered buttons and other creative ideas to bring textures to the large range.





So should you feel ready to add in some little luxuries that are easily obtainable that will transform you wardrobe and don’t mean you actually have to comb any goats yourself then try you luck here

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