IGO for it!

By Jo Phillips

After launching its first and, not to mention, ground-breaking fragrance, L’Eau d’Issey, in 1992, Issey Miyake changed a whole generation’s attitude to scent

This innovative brand launched a perfume collection based on ‘water-as-a-material’ shook up the world of fragrance.

Miyake Parfums is back. And of course, with an invention 28 years later, the IGO collection is the first of its kind.

Honouring the brand’s principles of contemporary living, it has been four years in the making.

The concept features a 2-in-1 scent with an IGO cap that holds 20ml and is portable, lightweight and travel-friendly while the simply regal ISTAY bottle stays at home awaiting your return, paying homage to the quintessential design.

IGO L’Eau d’Issey have inflorescent top notes releasing a sense of botanic existence between white flowers and lotus blossoms. The fragrance narrates the impeccable lightness of water-infused petals. Stronger base tones of musk and wood sensualise the flood of water lotus, cyclamen, rose water and freesia increasing alertness and reducing stress.

IGO L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme is an illusion of power and strength. It is refreshingly enduring and surprisingly explodes with a dash of yuzu – a Japanese citrus fruit regarded to improve cognitive function. A calming note of water lily emits an aquatic feel, enhanced up with a symphony of spices: cinnamon nutmeg and sandalwood, while vetiver and amber boost stronger base notes to indicate a bold masculine presence.

Issey Miyake continues making dreams come true as well as always breaking the rules and moving our world forward.

The product is available from today exclusively at Boots as of today 16th march 2020.

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