Imitate: A Hairy Feast

By Catarina Wilk

Do you agree? It is believed that a hairstyle says more about you than anything else. The cut, the colour, the style and the way you wear it in general; it subconsciously underlines your personality and expresses your character. Well, just think of Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey or Florence Welsh for instance regarding different hair looks. Apparently, these ladies do not only stand out due to their various tunes but all are also well-known for their iconic hairstyles and have set trends over the years.

Speaking of trends, the ultimate hair hero Charlie Le Mindu, one of the world’s leading hair designers and hair stylists (yes, you guessed right! He has been responsible for these ladies’ heads) is a true artist in the highly competitive hair business. “Le Mindu has built his career on the surreal, shocking, outrageous and beautifully bizarre“. In this respect, one thing is certain when looking at his incredible creations; they are distinctive and utterly original.

In celebration of Le Mindu’s outstandingly inventive talent, “Haute Coiffure“ explores Mindu’s most exceptional creations photographed by numerous famous fashion photographers such as the German photographer Ellen Von Unwerth, Rankin or the iconic Tim Walker.

Haute Coiffure cover
Roads Publishing – Charlie Le Mindu ‘Haute Coiffure’

This exceptional coffee table book showcases hairstyles which literally seem to ‘imitate‘ various objects.
At first glance, you might only see a rather unconventional look, but by closer inspection one could even go one step further by saying that the hair stylist’s magical hands make the impossible possible by creating gigantic lips, fury-looking monsters, colourful hair helmets or even whole faces which all look shockingly real.

IMG_0231 (c) Marton Perlaki
Roads Publishing – Charlie Le Mindu ‘Haute Coiffure’ © Marton Pelaki

60_01-0282 V2 BASE2fr (c) Raffaele Cariou
Roads Publishing – Charlie Le Mindu ‘Haute Coiffure’ © Raffaele Cariou

Bildschirmfoto 2016-01-19 um 16.13.16
Roads Publishing – Charlie Le Mindu ‘Haute Coiffure’ © Alice Rosati

In “Haute Coiffure“ hair is being transformed in many different ways (and mostly unexpected!).
We do all agree that, for the majority of us, most of the hairstyles featured in this book are extremely fascinating, inspiring and certainly stimulating. And who knows…maybe this book encourages you to be a bit more daring when it comes to your personal hairstyle…you never know, right?!

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