Immense; A Fragrance Fit For A Queen

By Jo Phillips

It’s funny how beauty standards change, isn’t it? Nowadays, many of us value a healthy glow and a bright smile, leading to excessive monthly spends on spray tans and teeth whitening procedures. In Victorian times, however, women would smear lead on their faces and blacken their teeth, as a pale complexion and poor dental hygiene suggested that they must have been rich, for they could afford the ultimate dream of staying indoors all day and consuming a lot of sugar!

However, no matter how much or how frequently the cosmetic pendulum swings, there is something that always has and probably always will be a popular grooming product, and that is perfume.  Queen Victoria was apparently particularly picky when it came to odours. She was ‘not amused’ by anything too sweet or overpowering, and so leaned towards the subtler scents. In 1845, British perfumery ‘Creed’, presented the Queen with ‘Fleurs de Bulgarie’, a dainty, aromatic infusion of Bulgarian rose and bergamot. This quickly became her signature fragrance, leading her to grant Creed a Royal Warrant.

In fact, Queen Victoria was not Creed’s first royal customer. In the late 1700s, James Creed became a glove-maker to King George III. It was around this time that scented gloves were all the rage, mainly due to their ability to mask all the bad smells in the air.  His majesty soon commissioned Creed to produce a premium fragrance to permeate the premium leather, and just like that, ‘Royal English Leather’ was born.

In 2017, the fragrance house continues to be universally renowned for its hand-crafted blends of rich, naturally sourced ingredients. Oliver Creed, who currently occupies the role of master perfumer in the family-run business, has recently announced the launch of a brand-new scent: White Amber

creedWhite Amber is the sixth fragrance to accompany the Les Royales Exclusives collection, which pays homage to Creed’s regal clients. Built on a base of precious white amber, this feminine aroma encompasses a delicately decadent fusion of Jasmine, benzoin and Indian sandalwood overlapped by a flurry of fresh green apple, velvety vanilla and bitter blackcurrant. It expels both floral and fruity notes without being overly pungent, so it would no doubt have received Queen Victoria’s seal of approval!

Amber is an ingredient that has been used in the perfume and jewellery industry for years, due to its beauty as well as its perceived healing properties. White Amber brings this notorious essence to life in a way that is both light, refreshing and indulgent.

The scent is stored inside a stunning ten-carat gold accented bottle, crafted by Parisian glass-maker, Groupe-Pochet. Its eye-catching design acts as a reminder of the combination of quality and creativity; two attributes that are key to the formation of acclaimed fragrances.

Available in a variety of sizes, White Amber by Creed Boutique is the new must-have scent that will look just as exquisite on your vanity table as it will smell on your skin.

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