Immense; Bags with Character

By Jo Phillips

The Roaring 20s; a decade expelling adventure and prosperity in all its glorious forms.  Whilst jazz bands, flapper girls and bathtub gin may spring to mind, the 20s were also famous for revolutionising the visual arts. Art Deco; a Paris-born modernist style encompassing symmetrical, streamlined shapes began to crop up everywhere, adorning everything from cutlery to ocean liners.

This season, the famous era receives a technological makeover in the form of bags. The V&A; the world’s top art and design museum has delved into its vast archive and teamed up with renowned accessories brand Knomo in order to reinvent art deco through crisp, classic prints inspired by geometric motifs.

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Knomo is a London-based brand that prides itself in offering state of the art luggage designed to provide hassle free travel solutions for stylish, free-spirited individuals.  Their bags are all kitted out with form fitted cases and secret compartments to accommodate and protect every single gadget, as well as being made from premium leather. The Knomo/V&A collaboration incorporates the tech friendly and hardwearing qualities of Knomo’s products into bags embellished with a pattern derived from an original 1920s textile print. Taking direction from emerging Autumn/Winter trends, the strong arches have been modernised to evoke character and movement.  The bags also contain plenty of pockets and compartments to satisfy all the technological needs of a twenty-first century woman.

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Each design is available in two shades; night forest and monochrome. The handbag range can now be purchased at as well as from selected stockists.

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