Immense; Hand Me a Hand Cream

By Jo Phillips

As soon as you wake up you are on the go. You rush to the tube and grab onto the hand rail for dear life, you clutch a coffee because it’s your lifeblood to get through the day, you dash across town and back to greet clients with smile and a handshake, and constantly tap away at the key board answering your flurry of emails.

Suffice to say, our hands will encounter a lot of work on a daily basis. And as we approach Autumn, cold, grey, and wet conditions will undoubtedly taunt us of summer pasts. Although our statement coats and layering prowess are often at the ready, why not ensure you are looking after your hands as they battle of elements of the British weather with an indulgent hand cream?


Gone are the days where hand creams left a greasy and sticky residue or smelt like a bowl of potpourri and can now enjoy purchasing decent but decadent creams, so why not read on and check out these seriously lavish hand creams (from left to right);

Diptyque – Eau Rose Hand and Body Lotion

Perfect for when you want to treat yourself to a night of pampering or even incorporate this magnificent fragrance in to your day-to-day routine, Diptyque’s hand and body lotion is an incredibly indulgent experience for the senses.

Infused with Diptyque’s renowned Eau Rose fragrance, this lotion is long-lasting and sweet and celebrates the many delicious scent of a rose garden.

Suitable for all skin types, the lightweight lotion will leave your skin hydrated and lightly fragranced for the duration of your hectic day.

The Chapel – Noctula Hand Cream

Distilled to evoke the hour between sunset and darkness, Noctola floods the senses and embraces the scents of crimson fruit and flowers caught in the evening air. Apply this unique hand-cream to relish in a moment of calm.

The beneficial compound allantoin assists in prolonging the moisturising effects of shea and cocoa butters, removing dead cells to leave skin feeling softer and smoother.

Korres – Yogurt Hand Cream

The ideal size to keep in your handbag for soft hands on the go, Korres Yoghurt Hand Cream protects your hands against the winter! This moisturising and non-oily hand cream should be your go-to for when you are on the go!

Boasting a Greek Yoghurt based formula, Korres has utilised the benefits of Almond Oil, Provitamin B5 and Shea Butter to improve skins elasticity. Whereas Calendula assists to nourish and repair whilst still retaining the skins natural moisture. To read more about the Korres Yoghurt collection read our article here.

Whether you are someone who finds themselves suffering from dry hands in the harsh winter conditions or just fancy pampering yourself after a long day at work, these hand creams will ensure your hands are protected and stay soft and smooth all year long!

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