Immense; Italy In A Bottle

By Jo Phillips

The aesthetic heart of Parma, a quaint tourist destination in Northern Italy, is its cathedral square, Piazza Duomo. This cobbled square is surrounded by historic buildings and is the ideal place to unwind, delight in Italian culture watch the world go by. 

Walking through the Piazza you will find yourself captivated by lingering scent. A mixture of citrus notes mingled with masculine musky undertones. Driven by a burning desire, you will find yourself following this scent. Past boutiques selling handmade leather goods, gelato stands and green grocers, into a local coffee shop. It is here were you will find him, an effortlessly dignified man, sitting patiently for his espresso.

You find yourself being ushered towards a seat whilst white noise fills your ears. It is not until his brief exchange of words with a waitress you will catch him saying, ‘My fragrance? It is but of course, Acqua Di Parma’s latest men’s fragrance, Colonia Pura my dear.’ 

Your memory of him is now be forever condensed into a fragrance as the true essence of Italia.


Famous for violets and ham, Parma is also the birthplace of Acqua Di Parma, one of the world’s most culture rich lifestyle brands. Originally created to inject the Italian spirit into the German-dominated cologne market, Acqua Di Parma’s products, (which range from fragrances, candles, bathrobes and leather goods) have been providing us with the essence of rural Italy for over a century.

The brands first ever cologne, Colonia, debuted in 1916 and quickly became a favourite of distinguished individuals such as; Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn and Eva Turner, who all fell in love with its uplifting Mediterranean notes.

Concealed inside the brand’s iconic yellow hat-box packaging, Colonia Pura combines Acqua Di Parma’s signature fragrance with a modern twist. The energising orange notes combined with alluring jasmine and spicy coriander are blended over a base of patchouli and cedar wood, creating a crisp, citrusy scent.

The brands logo replicates the coat of arms of the Duchess of Parma who ruled from 1816 to 1847, has been given a modern makeover. Silver and matt grey elements combine to reflect the brands characteristics; luxurious yet minimal and refined.

Conjuring memories clear skies and the blazing sun of picturesque Italy, it only makes sense that Colonia Pura’s packaging is designed with the environment in mind. The pump can be detached from the glass, making it recyclable as well as tasteful.

Delicate yet bold, Colonia Pura is the sophisticated lightness and brightness of Italy in a bottle and can be purchased here.

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