Immense; Moresque Parfum

By Jo Phillips

What comes to mind when you picture Moorish art? Sensuous, exotic and grandiose high arches? Gold leaf? Intricate patterns? Elaborate tiling? Now imagine mixing this with the art of perfume, an art as old as the Moorish culture!

This is what encapsulates the essence of Moresque Parfum, a niche Italian perfume brand launched in 2015 producing perfumes made exclusively in Italy, the home of early perfume making.

Moresque Parfum introduces their latest collection of extravagant perfumes, the Gold Collection;

On beautiful sunny days golden rays of sun shine down, reminiscent of Sole, the first fragrance in the collection. The fresh and light scent contains traces of pink peppercorns, tuberose and moss. Such a fragrance rejuvenates the spirits, with a hint of coconut.

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Fiamma is an elegant perfume, reminiscent of a warm summer evening when the radiant sun is setting and the temperature falls, leaving a bright golden blaze of colour in the sky. It contains hints patchouli and myrrh, with core notes of must, resins,amber, leather, honey and vanilla.

Aurum is a warm fragrance which hints at the moments of calm experienced just as the sun sets, the sky shot through with tones of rose and peach. It contains notes of saffron, balsam fir styrax, myrrh with base notes of agar wood, patchouli and guaiac wood.

The last fragrance in the collection is Oroluna. Influenced by the essential, revitalising element of air; the substance we cannot live without. It is a magical scent with spicy hints of pink pepper, cardamom and  grapefruit with a core of Turkish rose, geranium, cedarwood and patchouli and base notes of oak moss and sandalwood.

“A perfume is an occasion: is reflection, knowledge, freedom. It is the chance we give ourselves to reveal our true identity”- Cindy Guillemant

Moresque has been producing perfumes of the highest quality, and this is further illustrated by their latest collection. The genius behind this excellence is founder and CEO, Cindy Guillemant.

With Berber origins, from Kabylia, in North Algeria, Arab perfume culture is part of Cindy’s DNA. Her first encounter with the world of perfume happened as a child when she observed her Grandmother Sadia (a person who is very important to Cindy throughout her life) “she allowed herself a luxury every morning: to choose one of her small perfumes best suited for the day.”

Keen to fuse Arabic elegance and Italian glamour, Cindy has obviously achieved the perfect equilibrium in her collections of perfume. Each fragrance is born from a clear visual, defining Moresque perfumes as “olfactive paintings”, Cindy explains “if you stop and “look” at them, you will find infinite details and hints, exactly the same as being in front of a painting.”

The essential element of Moresque perfumes is the blending of the ingredients to tell a story that delights the senses. Cindy believes that the search for a fragrance is akin to the search for oneself.  She says ”For this reason it is much easier to find a dress which will fit us, instead of a perfume telling our story.”

Inspired to create certain fragrances by charismatic individuals she has met throughout her life, Cindy has also been influenced by historical figures. She believes “creativity is not linked to specific people, but it is the picture of a moment or the expression of a concept. However, it is always poetry”.

As Cindy has illustrated, Moresque perfumes are made to the highest quality. Their exquisite ingredients and excellent Italian craftsmanship make these fragrances a real catch.

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