Immense; Poetry and Perfume

By Jo Phillips

Poetry is a highly regarded form of literature. Through a careful choice of words, poets can stimulate our senses by conjuring powerful feelings and imagery.

In Japanese culture haiku poems exist to capture fleeting moments, movements, and experiences. Consisting of three lines and a total of 17 syllables, this traditional form of poetry is valued for its simplicity and directness of expression. It is believed that masters of the haiku form spent much of their lives in deep thought, wandering, observing, and contemplating to refine their craft.

Captivated by such an esteemed craft, Memo Paris founders John and Clara Molloy, created Floraiku a collection of 11 individual perfumes designed to invigorate our senses even further. Unveiled in a Japanese inspired bento-box, these perfumes are made with more than 50% natural ingredients, so if you are searching for that natural moment of tranquillity, then look no further than Floraiku

rsz_floraïku_first_dream_of_the_year_50ml_&_10ml_£25000_coffretImage courtesy of Floraiku

Each perfume in the collection comes with an individual illustration designed by Victoire Cathalan which has been printed on the perfumes fabric cap (which also doubles as a travel spray). Taking inspiration from Japanese traditions and her own imagination, Cathalan used her delicate touch with watercolours and Indian inks to create these remarkable images. Not distinctive enough for you? The name of each fragrance is also composed as part of a haiku (all written by Clara Molloy herself) which is engraved on the back of the bottle.

Floraïku Boutique 4_optImage courtesy of Floraiku

Floraiku is split into three ‘ceremonies’; Secret Teas and Spices, Enigmatic Flowers and Forbidden Incense, each being composed of three different fragrances, presented in either a navy blue, black or white bottle.

But the brands true innovation can be observed in its fourth and final ceremony, Shadowing. This ceremony is composed of two fragrances in red bottles which allows, if affixed near a fragrance of one of the other three collections, to make it deeper or lighter – think of this as a kind of ‘fragrance layering’, you spray one of them next to (NOT mixed with) a perfume of your choice to either intensify or lighten the scent, alternatively you can wear it alone as a perfume itself.

Floraïku Boutique 1_optImage courtesy of Floraiku

Floraiku is sold exclusively at Harrods’ Salon de Parfums in London, a space dedicated to luxury perfumes. Here you will find a unique space designed in the style of a Ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn, where a warm towel, tea and biscuits are offered to you, to fully immerse you into the culture of Floraiku!

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