Immense; Prep Your Skin for Winter

By Jo Phillips

Summer’s over, and now it’s back to the grind. Reluctantly, you force yourself out of bed and amble downstairs to pour a cup of coffee. You look outside and surprise, surprise, it’s chucking it down. You heave a deep sigh.  It is going to take a long time for you to adjust to the grey, drizzly, streets when mentally, you’re still basking on a sun lounger in Mallorca; cocktail in one hand, magazine in the other.

Unfortunately, it’s not just your mind that is going to have a hard time adapting to reality.  As the colder weather approaches, you may notice your face starting to develop more than just a rosy glow. Dry skin is the enemy of many during winter. Luckily, there are several steps you can take in order to prevent chapping, redness and irritation, but the most important one is finding the right product to help restore your natural complexion.

Eau Florale Spray Mist by Sisley is a soft, comforting blend of fragrant orange blossom, rose, cornflower, and witch hazel essence. What makes Eau Florale a bit different from other spray mists is its dual action formula. As you spritz it over your tired face every morning, not only will you notice a dewy, radiant finish, but as the botanical extracts soak into your skin, their hydrating properties will help ease any areas of rawness.

spray mist

Sisley was launched in the Parisian region in 1976 by Hubert d’Ornano, who’s vision was to use technological advancements to provide skincare solutions through plants and essential oils. Today, the brand is a global success, offering its product range in ninety countries spread across all five continents.

Eau Florale can be used as many times as necessary, but ideally, it should be used once after cleansing, and then once more after applying makeup, as it doubles up as an excellent setting spray.  To use, simply hold the canister roughly twenty centimetres away from your face and spray gently, allowing a moment or two for the product to dry.  Eau Florale is also ideal for concealing puffy eyes, so if you suffer from insomnia, or simply like staying up late to satisfy your Netflix addiction, then this mist is your new must-have!

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