Immense; Restore Your Hair With Shea Butter

By Jo Phillips

Do your mornings begin with you absent-mindedly winding each strand of hair around a curling iron? Do you keep altering between blonde and brunette because you can’t quite decide which of the two really have more fun? Most of us unknowingly inflict a great deal of damage upon our hair when we choose to dye or style it, and finding the right products to bring it back to life can be tricky!

Shea Butter; your skin’s best friend can now be your hair’s best friend too, thanks to SheaMoisture, who have included it in their Raw Shea Butter Lineup, a range designed to revamp your distressed roots and ends.

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Originating in Sierra Leone, SheaMoisture first began business in the form of shea nuts. In 1912, young entrepreneur Sofi Tucker heard about the moisturizing properties of shea butter and decided to grind up the nuts and use their rich butter as the main ingredients in a range of homemade hair and skin preparations. Tucker’s grandson, Richelieu Dennis soon took over trade and expanded the company, marking the beginning of the SheaMoisture brand.

SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Extra Moisture Retention Shampoo is gentle and sulphate free, promising to nourish and repair over-processed hair. As well as shea butter, the shampoo is also infused with sea kelp minerals, to help remove impurities and residue from the scalp. It’s also packed with argan oil which locks in moisture, saving you money on those professional blow-outs!

SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner is comprised of the same ingredients, and can be used with the shampoo to achieve the silky ends and glossy roots that are key to maintaining a healthy head of hair. Whilst being mineral rich, the conditioner is also incredibly lightweight, which is a bonus as I’m sure you’ll agree that there is nothing worse than the feeling of lingering conditioner weighing down your hair throughout the day.

And why not follow up your shower routine with the Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque. The shea butter and argan oil combination will strip your hair of any impurities and residue, whilst improving your hair’s elasticity to prevent breakage.

Before drying your hair, spritz some SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Extra Moisture Detangler through it. The natural botanicals it contains will help smoothen any knots and tangles, so that the comb can glide through it without pulling out any stubborn strands. It also contains organ oil for extra shine, so use generously on gloomy days!

By purchasing this collection, not only will you be able to give back to your hair, but you’ll also be able to give back to the community. Ten percent of SheaMoisture’s sales are given to the Sofi Tucker Trust, a charity helping women-lead businesses, supporting the communities that supply their much sought after ingredients. The brand also operate to high ethical standards, ensuring that all their products are natural, organic and are not tested on animals.

If you feel as if your damaged locks are in desperate need of some revival, you’ll be pleased to know that all products mentioned are available for purchase online, as well as exclusively at Boots.

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