Immense; Sunny Sunday Riley

By Jo Phillips

It’s been a long week – with stress, pollution, and the rapid change of seasons your skin is bound to show a lack of radiance, even through layers of make-up! With age, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is greater as skin starts to become thinner and drier, and the growth of new skin cells dramatically decrease.

Skincare in the past years, has been subject to scepticism. Most brands, to be affordable, cut costs in any way possible to attract a larger consumer base. This results in having cheaper products which can lead to irritation, allergies, and unchanged skin.

But fear not….Sunday Riley is a skincare brand that’s top priority is quality. Of course, for a Serum at £70 a piece, it is anything but affordable but with rapid-flash technology, results are noticeable after just one use.

Sunay Riley

Riley’s latest range, includes a micro-cleansing oil, brightening serum and a moisturiser.

Her Micro-cleansing oil, which can be used wet or dry, gets rid of pore-clogging debris, excess oil and micro-pollution particles to reveal refreshed looking skin. Its ingredients are naturally rich in alpha and beta hydroxy acids which ensures an even skin-tone, and soft, smooth skin.

The Rapid Flash Serum is rich in Vitamin C with 15% THD Ascorbate is incredibly stable and doesn’t have the same oxidation issues as other forms of the vitamin. Your skin can enjoy all of the brightening qualities, without wasting any product as it only reacts when put on skin. It is a pore-minimizing, skin brightening serum that reduces dullness, wrinkles and premature aging lines. What else could you need?

The Repair + Protect moisturiser keeps your skin hydrated during the day, and repairs skin at night. Also rich in Vitamin C, this product visibly brightens your skin by supporting natural collagen production. By reducing dullness and sensitivity in skin, and uneven tone this moisturiser is the highlight of your skin-care routine. It can also be used under foundation, giving you a flawless finish and hydrated skin all day long!

If you want to treat your skin to hope in a jar and get refreshed, happy skin, you can purchase it here.


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