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By Jo Phillips

Energetic, complex, and passionate. Welcome to the Punk explosion of 1970’s England – more specifically the moody expressions of  the revolutionary band Joy Division. Through haunting melodies and tortured raw lyrics, Joy Division became a revolutionary band within the British Punk movement.

There is an intrinsic similarity between musicians and perfumers, each must work with a limited number of notes to create something distinctive and multifaceted. Without a skillful balancing of notes, there can be no harmonious result. Entirely dependent on composition, both music and perfume are artistic expressions that change over time; a scent can unfold and linger as the day goes on whereas a musical composition can hold many layers and change meaning to you as the years go by.

The Fragrance KitchenUnknown Ecstasy, exclusively available at Selfridges

Inspired by founder Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah’s ‘East meets West’ philosophy, Kuwait-based fragrance house The Fragrance Kitchen (TFK) celebrates Sheikh Majed’s memories and brings them to life through singular scents.

The latest fragrance collection from TFK compriese of three distinct fragrances- Joy Connection, Heart and Flows, and Unknown Ecstasy – was inspired by Sheik Majed’s fondness of British rock band Joy Division whilst he discovered London as a teenager. The first fragrance in this collection, Unknown Ecstasy, has been described as an oriental yet musky fragrance with a modern twist. Like a true fan, Sheikh Majed has paid homage to Joy Division’s iconic use of pulsar computer generated graphics for their album cover Unknown Pleasure, by using detailed sound waves for the graphic design on each of the three perfume bottles.

top dickheadUnknown Pleasures, Joy Division

To complement Sheikh Majed’s concept even further, those who purchase the fragrance can enjoy listening to an exclusive music track. Composed by Djamel Ben Yelles (the sought-after violinist who has collaborated with world class musicians such as Jane Birkin) the track is suitably titled ‘Joy Connection.’

Sheikh Majed offers you the chance to experience the matching smell and music in the intimacy of their own homes or outside through headphones with the wild vibrations of urban life. Will you be one of them?

Unknown Ecstasy is exclusively sold at Selfridges

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