Immense; This scent is so YOU

By Jo Phillips

Lynx, the UK’s favourite male grooming label has just launched several brand-new ranges. Whether you’re looking for a fresh shave, or are bored of your current body wash, you are bound to find the perfect product among the many new releases.

Lynx came to life back in 1983, and it didn’t take long for its ubiquitous colognes to permeate workspaces, college dorms and changing rooms worldwide.  Yet, their popularity failed to retract the elements of confidence, mystery and spontaneity that were captured within their warm, musky notes.

Lynx Trilogy Shower Gel range encompasses three premium body washes to satisfy a variety of needs.  Signature Skin Smoother is infused with spicy cedar wood and bergamot as well as being packed with many moisturising properties.  The soothing watermint in Urban Charcoal and Clean will hydrate your skin, whilst the charcoal will draw any bacteria and chemicals to its surface, to help restore a clear complexion.  Adrenaline Cool Charge; comprised of a cooling mix of ginger and iced mint, is a refreshing cocktail for your skin, that will keep it smelling fragrant throughout the day.

Fragrance maverick, Anna Gottlieb, has recently collaborated with Lynx to produce a YOU range which celebrates individuality by offering something for everyone. YOU includes three body washes, scented with their own unique mix of ingredients designed to add an invigorating kick to your morning showers. Energised combines citrusy blood orange notes with deep wood and dragon fruit. Clean Fresh is a soothing lemon, grapefruit and lavender blend, whilst Refreshed mixes punchy lime and sage with smoky orange tobacco.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 17.15.09Lynx, YOU, Body Spray Deodorant (150 ml & 200 ml) and Body Wash (250 & 400 ml)

There are also several new daily fragrances. Signature merges precious oud wood with notes of velvety vanilla to compliment a smooth and refined style. Urban; your new statement scent is just as sweet as it is spicy, with its rich tobacco and amber base. Adrenaline is a must-have for every athlete.  Icy musk and sharp ginger will cool you down and stimulate the senses during a vigorous workout.

Each fragrance is also available in the form of an antiperspirant, to keep your underarms protected from sweat marks and unwanted bacteria, whilst expelling fresh, complex aromas.

The final addition to the new line of products is Lynx’s Styling Signature Definition Wax. Apply as much or as little as you like to dry hair to instil a grease free shine as well as the perfect level of hold for your desired style.

The luxurious yet affordable new products are now available in two different sizes, so go ahead and find your favourite.

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