Immense; Trudon: Heritage Scents

By Jo Phillips

It’s 1789. The once ornate streets of Versailles are now littered with debris left behind by left-winged revolutionaries in a fierce attempt to overthrow the monarchy. Broken stone pillars lie sideways on top of cracked marble tiles whilst weapon remains are strewn across cobbles. Not a single building is left standing…except for the palace. Miraculously, not one turret stone has been shifted out of place. The furniture inside its vast rooms lies undisturbed. There is even a lit candle positioned on one of the mantelpieces. Its small flame dwindles softly. It’s a Trudon candle.

If you’re familiar with Maison Trudon, you will know that its heritage is almost as rich as the fragrances that pervade its candles and room sprays. These exquisite luxuries that stand elegantly on coffee tables, mantelpieces and vanities worldwide have in fact been bought, sold, wrapped and unwrapped for more than three centuries!  The historical label famously transformed people’s perceptions of candles, from mere light sources to sensual, decorative entities.

It was during 1643 that an ambitious wax merchant named Claude Trudon took over a store in Rue Saint-Honore, from which he soon begun to trade authentic beeswax candles. The candles quickly developed in quality, and by doing so they managed to gain a reputation for their unique craftsmanship.

On the very eve of Louis XIV’s reign, Trudon decided to create an official brand, appointing his son Jacques as wax producer, leaving him plenty of time to manage the other aspects of the business. Once the brand had accumulated a significant level of prestige, it was Jacques who ended up becoming an apothecary distiller for the king’s wife, Marie-Therese. Ever since its first affiliation with royalty, the Trudon brand has become renowned for its regal legacy. Its candles were featured in the backgrounds of portraits of kings, whilst adorning most surfaces within the Palace of Versailles right up until the end of the French revolution.

The Trudon label was also a favourite amongst historical figures such as France’s glamorous queen, Marie Antoinette, and the famous Emperor  Napoleon, who presented his new-born son with a gold encrusted Trudon candle moulded into the shape of his head.

Today, Maison Trudon is best-known for its luxurious scented candles. However, this is all about to change as creative director, Julien Pruvost, has recently announced the launch of a brand new genderless perfume collection. Trudon’s comfortingly decadent aromas may have been paramount to spicing up your living space with their soft notes, but it won’t be long before  one of them becomes your skin’s second layer.  The collection is named Trudon, paying homage to the brand’s roots. Trudon encompasses five scents: Bruma, Olim, Deux, Revolution and Mortel.  Their names may be simple, but don’t be fooled…their scents are anything but!


Bruma, the Latin translation of ‘solstice’is a warm, sensual fragrance that conjures the joy of short balmy afternoons in June as well as the mystery of long, dark nights in December. The scent’s creator is renowned perfumer Antoine Lie, recognised particularly for his subversive aromas. He paints a picture of a beautiful young girl leaving the comfort of her bedroom and entering the vast outdoors to go and discover an alternative part of herself, through notes of jasmine, black pepper, lavender and violets.


Olim is like an olfactory time capsule from the 18th Century. It delivers richness, emotion and purity reminiscent of the regency era in the form of a myrrh, patchouli and pink peppercorn infusion. This musky concoction was formulated by olfactory expert Lyn Harris whose vision was to deliver a contemporary interpretation of vanity and underlying opulence.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 14.44.31

Deux, Lyn Harris’ second creation is by far the freshest scent of them all. It explores new beginnings by casting your senses to fragrant forests. Green leafy notes mingled with orange bigarade convey dewy treetops whilst pines, pepper and juniper embody a damp earthy floor.  Built on a base of cedar, incense, Ambroxan and Cashmeran, which add depth and complexity; Trudon is said to be a crisp take on the powerful eau de Cologne.

Revolution is Lyn Harris’ third and final addition to the collection. They say that the smell of perfume varies according to the wearer, and this is particularly true of Revolution.  Taking its name from the period during which Trudon truly blossomed, this simplistic yet prominent fragrance encapsulates history through rustic hints of papyrus, cedar and elmi. The scent is said to vary in intensity throughout the day.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 14.45.21

Mortel is a spicy, enigmatic, perfume constructed by Yann Vasnier, a French-born fragrance maverick.  The seductive scent raises curiosity by capturing the essence of light and dark. Sweet, floral cistus and precious Somalian frankincense merge with fiery nutmeg, creating a bottle of juxtaposition.

Each perfume is delicately poured into a rippled glass bottle, which has been stylishly designed to resemble the appearance of Trudon’s original candle jars.  Each of the perfumes are available now, so why not select your favourite and add a piece of the Trudon legacy to your vanity table.

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