Immense; Wash and Wear Hair with AQUIS

By Jo Phillips

If you seldom leave your house without spending at least half an hour trying to tame your morning hair between a pair of tongs, then you’ll no doubt be familiar with the damage that comes as a result of too much heat exposure.

But rest assured there is an easy solution… AQUIS hair offers an easy remedy to those of you who long to add some life back into your dry, limp ends!Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 15.21.04Founded by Britta Cox, AQUIS is a beauty brand concerned with protecting your hair. Often too busy to dry and style her hair without damaging it, Cox grew tired of towel fabrics which resulted in a lot of friction, leading to frizzy and damaged hair. She then had a light-bulb moment – what if you could use a material to dry your hair which doesn’t lead to more hair strands breaking and falling off!? And this where the miracle of the AQUIS hair towel and turban collection comes in…

Far superior at looking after your hair in comparison to cotton towels (which do not absorb water fully), Cox’s collection is made from from very fine fibres and uses light-weight fibre technology in order to protect your hair. The fibres are specially woven to move water away from hair without rubbing the hair, which prevents cuticles getting damaged and minimising friction.

Drying your hair properly is crucial to prevent damage. A proper drying technique is the key to healthy roots and ends. When your hair is wet, the keratin in it absorbs water and swells, leading to hair cuticles being pushed open and hair becoming tangled and knotted.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 15.18.05

With the use of the AQUIS towel, water is absorbed and distributed across the towel evenly, which reduces the swelling of cuticles as it goes on to dry your hair without damaging it. For thin delicate and curly hair, the Lisse hair towel or turban is perfect, whereas for thick and porous hair, the Waffle hair towel or turban is recommended.

Not only is the AQUIS hair towel versatile but it is very easy to use. Firstly pat hair, then lean forward so your hair falls in front of your face, then wrap and gently twist the towel around your hair, tucking the end into the back or side. Remove the towel when the hair feels damp and say hello to beautiful, healthy, nourished locks.

These luxury, one of a kind AQUIS hair towels can be purchased here.

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