Immense; Your Aromatic Experience

By Edena Klimenti

Have you ever been entirely consumed by the scent of a candle, so much so that you just wished you could turn your candle into a cream, a lotion, a body oil, a perfume, a shampoo and conditioner, or even sometimes wished it was edible? This particular scent may be so overpowering that you want it transformed into any form of cosmetics that you own and use daily, just so that you can be surrounded by the enchanting scent. You wish the scent was intertwined into the grapevine of your home. The scent is so powerful that it transports you to your most zen mind state, your most relaxed and calm mood, or perhaps it gives you a sense of nostalgia, reuniting you with your most precious, warm memories. Have you got a candle in mind? We do.

There is definitely a certain beauty about having time to yourself, cherishing your ‘me time’ and taking care of your mind and body. Maybe you’re in one of those moods. All you want is a cup of something warm and soothing, a good book and perhaps a warm bubble bath? The finishing touch is a mesmerising candle which transforms the atmosphere in the entire room, attacking and coating each of your senses with a rich and sweet aroma.

janjiraJanjira – Therapy Massage Candle ‘Art of Siam’ – Grapefruit & Tangerine 

When it comes to those evenings, one of our favourite candles of choice is Janjira’s ‘Art of Siam’, Grapefruit & Tangerine. This candle is an experience in itself. After the candle has been lit and you have enjoyed the glowing, overpowering scent, you may blow out the candle and use the warm wax as a body oil, coating your skin in rich nutrients, leaving it with a silky glow and mesmerising aroma. Key ingredients such as soybean oil provide your skin with essential fatty acids, protein and vitamin e, promoting your skins natural moisture balance, essential for your skins repair. The coconut oil also helps restore moisture into your skin, leaving a beautiful natural glow. The wax can also be used in multiple ways; facial oil, body oil, massage oil and even as a moisturiser. This candle is perfect for a home spa treatment, allowing your skin to feel the benefits of massage oils, whilst enjoying the luxurious scent of grapefruit, tangerine and rhubarb.

Candles are the best way to set the mood, creating an aromatic experience for your relaxing ‘home alone’ evenings. Tom Ford has introduced five new charming candles to their private blend collection, joining their current private blend candle scents, oud wood, tuscan leather, neroli portofino, white suede, tobacco vanilla and cafe rose. Each candle has approximately 40-hours burn time so we can’t wait to create a perfect setting for a Friday night in.

tomfTom Ford complete private blend candle collection 

Tom Ford Private Blend Mandarino Di Amalfi Candle

Transport yourself to the cliff sides of Amalfi, tarragon, spearmint and blackcurrant bud mesh with sleek mandarin fruits for an alluring aroma. The floral core emerges with the richest orange flower, whilst amber and labdanum lend texture, and musk with civet bring the warmth.

Tom Ford Private Blend Jasmine Rouge Candle

The two bespoke ingredients are brought into an interesting union, samba jasmine sepals absolute and clary sage essence create a heady and erotic aroma.

Tom Ford Private Blend Patchouli Absolu Candle

By merging three opulent and different versions of the iconic raw material, patchouli absolu, it evokes sensuality and ‘after-dark’ glamour.

Tom Ford Private Blend Arabian Wood Candle

An ode to the mystique of Arabia, this woody chypre is a combination of precious woods, rich florals, exotic spices and opulent green notes. A modern scent with undertones of ethnic traditions in the Middle East.

Tom Ford Private Blend Amber Absolute Candle

The powerful signature scent of amber exhales a warmth, whilst the rich labdanum resin textured patchouli and sensual sandalwood create a striking contrast, highlighting the incandescent fumes of African incense.

Each candle is bottled in the signature dark brown glass, paying homage to the perfumers apothecary bottles, and reminiscent of the signature private blend bottles.

Your aromatic evening continues with the Floris- Sandalwood and Patchouli candle. This is perfect for your evenings at home, with earthy tones the soft vanilla and musk give a woody oriental aroma for a strong and distinctive fragrance. If you love candles that give you a tranquil feeling, this warm and sweet candle is your heroin. Floris are known for their stunning and sweet scents, creating perfect and serene experiences in your home.

4Floris London- Sandalwood and Patchouli candle 

If you have never gone home after a long day at work, and wished that you were curled up on the sofa with a candle lit in the corner,  then now you probably will. These candles are essential for spending quality time with yourself, or even if you love the idea of having your home smell enchanting, allowing these scents to whirl their way into each corner and turn of your home.

Janjira candle is available at JANJIRA

Tom Ford Private Blend Candles will be available from October 2017

Floris Candle is available at FLORIS LONDON

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