In A Boudoir Mood

By Jo Phillips

People like Barry White and Marvin Gaye wrote songs for seduction. Music to set the mood for when you happen upon taking someone to bed. You and a lover between the sheets getting it on. It’s not about being in love, it’s about being in the moment of seduction. Louche, loose, a tangled mess of skin on skin, quelling all desire. Cent brings you a playlist encapsulating this feeling. Read more about it in A Boudoir Mood

Je T’aime Moi Non Plus – Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg. Known as the sexy French song, this hit really captures the desire between two lovers as they become intimate with each other. A staple piece for a boudoir playlist. 

I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby- Barry White. The spring of 1973 saw the release of this song. A low bass coupled with White’s baritone voice makes this a perfect addition to the boudoir mood soundtrack. 

Love to Love You Baby- Donna Summer. With lyrics like “I love to love you, baby,” it’s easy to see why this song must be included. 

Breaking Point- Etta James. Known to be similar to “I Want Your Sex” by George Michael, Etta James holds nothing back about her intentions in the above song. “And I just wanna make love to you” is explicitly stated right off the bat.  

George Michael- I Want Your Sex. The provocative 1987 song peaked as a number two track in America, number three in the UK, and was on the top five list for many other countries. 

Marvin Gaye- Let’s Get It On. Also the title of his thirteenth album, “Lets Get It On” is a classic Marvin Gaye song. The explicit nature of the content of this song gave Gaye his sex-symbol status in the late 1900s.

Use Me- Bill Withers. The deep bass of Withers and knowledgeable lyric about sex is to be noted in this song. What was once a censored tune for its promiscuity is now a celebrated hit and an integral component of the boudoir playlist.

Love Hangover- Diana Ross. This piece by Ross is more focused on the passion and love component of the boudoir. The intimacy that accompanies the acts.

Pony- Ginuwine. If you’ve seen Magic Mike, you know this song well. Channing Tatum’s dance to this beat is hard to forget. A must-add for this playlist. 

Criminal- Fiona Apple. Featured on Apple’s debut album, this track highlights how a woman uses her sexuality to get things she wants. Very louche indeed.

This list of tunes is definitely one worth giving a listen to when you’re feeling in the boudoir mood. It embraces the art of seduction and all the passion that comes with it.

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