In Love with Red

By Adlin Pinto

Red; Does the very word already builds a picture in your mind, stir your heart? It is, after all, a very emotionally intense colour, one that can be associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. It can symbolize action, confidence, and courage.  Throughout history, red has been symbolic in many cultures. In different lives, red carries different meanings. Find out more by reading In Love With Red here.

Red is a colour with some much meaning, so many facets; facets that resonate with so many different cultures. For example, it is an auspicious as well as a popular colour in Chinese culture. It symbolizes luck, happiness, and joy. It is found everywhere during Chinese New Year and other holiday celebrations and family gatherings. A red envelope with cash is a monetary gift that is given in Chinese society during holidays or special occasions. Whereas in Western cultures, red can symbolize love and romance yet also can be seen as both powerful and sexy. Red has a deep meaning in the Indian psyche. It commemorates the union between two people, visible right from the couple’s wedding, where the bride wears brilliant hues of red to the red tikka (spot on forehead) that she adorns after the wedding as a sign of her commitment. 

February is typically the season of love in the West yet in the East it is the new year celebrations, all of which are painted with red.

Feng Chen Wang a Chinese-born, London-based designer at the forefront of a new generation of fashion talent emerging from China Feng focuses on technical deconstruction, creating unisex clothing that is functional but at the same time conceptual and personal, drawing on her life experiences and Chinese heritage. She has chosen shades of red in her denim collection to reinforce the story of workers who have been away from their hometown and loved ones selecting a classic Chinese New Year red. Feng has decided to honour those who have put in such brave work in her new collaboration with Levi’s.

The collection tells the story of family, friends, and acquaintances, who were industrial workers returning home to be with family for the Spring Festival. The collection echoes Levi’s own history of designing clothes for industrial workers, specifically miners, and brings this legacy into a contemporary context, combining Levi’s aesthetic with Feng’s deconstructive approach to fashion. Garments subvert the idea of the pocket, for example, exposing them and coupling them with releasable panels, while at the same time maintaining their functionality. Raw edges are employed to pay homage to this story meanwhile, juxtaposing machine and hand sewn fabrics.

As for the colour palette, Feng chose these two shades to reinforce this story, selecting a classic Chinese New Year red and a similarly classic workwear blue and blue-and-black gradient, the latter of which reflects Chinese-style denim. Hand-dyed, this fabric emulates the texture of clothes that have been worn and worked in, weathered and wettened by perspiration or precipitation.

This collection is a tribute to the industrial workers who travel sometimes great distances to provide for themselves and their loved ones. Theirs is a story of struggle and strength, trial and tenacity. 

At this time of year that sees many celebrations form different cultures where red or core. For the occasion of Valentine’s day and Chinese new year some brands have launched their red collection to celebrate these seasons.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen launches a capsule collection featuring the new Short Story, an I-phone pouch, oversized sneakers, Tread Slick and wool and silk scarves printed and embroidered with symbols of romance. Taking inspiration from sixties brooches, and juxtaposing signifiers of love with classic McQueen signatures, hearts, doves, roses and lips are among the curiosities that appear, at times pierced by Cupid’s arrow or subverted by punk-inspired safety pins or the house’s iconic skulls. The above image shows a new handbag style for the brand called “The Short Story” featuring red flowers and gold hardware detailing. Check the collection here.


Swatch launches Ox rocks 2021 for Chinese new year this special design encourages the world to exist together in harmony. The Ox occupies the second position in the Chinese zodiac. Strong, reliable, and tough are characteristics shared by the Swiss-made Swatch watch brand, big bold watch line, and those born in the year of the Ox who are said to also be active, motivated, and determined. Check the collection here.

Timorous Beasties 

One cushion can transform a whole space. And if cushions be companions, then Timorous Beasties have the ornamental soulmates to lean on, deep sultry red, patterning the marine worlds, wild woods, and graffiti velvet. Check the Collection here


Aquis deluxe Double Layer Hair Turban in a chic ruby hue, features Aquis’s proprietary AQUITIEX technology, paired with a sleek charmeuse outer layer. This multi-purpose hair hero results in a beautiful and healthy mane day and night. Hair is most vulnerable when wet, losing 56%* of its strength due to keratin proteins absorbing all the water so it’s important to handle your hair with care and draw as much moisture out as quickly and effectively as possible. Check the collection here.

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Or for the boys? Something with a touch of red rather than full-on love- tones?

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