In the Mood

By Jo Phillips

We all have a variety of emotional moods we go through in the day. It may be the feeling of being a little out of control as we run ot catch the bus first thing in the morning… hells bells will we miss it?… or a lunch time moment mulling of life whilst chomping on our poke bowl. But then there are the more special moods ones we create in many ways to heighten the moment; may be time with a loved one (or even on ones own) or going out about for a great night under the stars. Actually fragrance is one of the greatest ways to set a mood. A spritz of an Eau De Parfum to set the tine for that special moment. Find out more here In The Mood Main image Jason Yates.

It takes a very skilled perfumer to take a concept like a human mood and turn it into a fragrance that sums up for us a certain mood or moment. Not the idea of a bad mood say, of teenage angst, but the kind of moods that set the ordinary apart. After what has been one of the strangest times for many of us around the world, our good times, we understand are precious. Where before we may have set a mood with a home fragrance as home was really the only place we could be, now as we go out into the world, as we meet up with our loved ones or go out and party, the mood we set by the clothes we wear and now only second the the perfume with scent ourselves with.

We now set the tone of the night out with a sweep of scent. interestingly women have grown towards wearing the stronger edp (Eau du Parfum between 15-20% essential oils/chemist recreations ) rather than the lighter EDT (eau De Toilette 5-15%) in recent years the demand is defiantly there. We want that silage.. we all want that waft behind us of the perfume statement we are making. But now men too are demanding EDP versions of their favourite scents. They too want just as much as a statement as the women

From and intimate sensuality to the profound nuances of the sky at night, two truly understandable moods are reflected in the new launches from Narciso Rodriguez; both EDP strength for greater emotive connection.

Starting with the new mens scent meet, for him blue noir Parfum by Narciso Rodriguez working with perfumer Sonia Constant who looked to create a darker version of the original bleu noir EDT and aims to bring a new mood of alluring mystery

Think of all the shades of blue and black in a just night sky as its moves towards a full evening. And so the bleu noir line has a signature duality at its heart. The signature musc remains at heart of the fragrance, emphasising the instinctive sensuality of the man who wears this scent. Yet now the suede leathery facets are intensified, enhanced by the powdery elegance of iris and sweetened by an addictive note of tonka bean, with its rich undertones of vanilla and caramel.

Also as a first, the bottle takes on a new translucency, with smoky blue tinted glass . Topped with a rectilinear cap finished in deep matte blue, the bottle is an object of elegant artistry.

And then moire intense emotion with the women’s new fragrance. Musc Noir Rose. Here, a delicate sensuality that is again highly charged as an EDP.

Find a lighter more sensual, less dark version of its sister fragrance Musc Noir, this amber floral blooms with a new voluptuous bouquet of intense emotive sensual flower the tuberose.

Then find creamy facets fusing with the signature heart of musc and a hint of luscious plum to create a more profound sense of intimacy.

Top notes that sing as they open are Italian bergamot oil, highlighted with a touch of spice via pink peppercorn, bring a radiant glow, the tangy citrus seamlessly evolving from a sweet fruitiness to a more herbaceous, balsamic note.

This fresh and luminous opening contrasts with an addictive base of oriental vanilla, its creamy sweetness underscored by rich leather suede accords and the soft, enveloping earthiness of Indonesian patchouli.

Where the mens fragrance is about being out and about at night this is about an intimate mood at one with a lover just a moment for they self love we all desire.

Both intensified, both embodying a true sense of being, of living of mood, because after all what else would you want from a perfume but to set the scene for the day night or moment you are in

For more information on both perfumes please click Here Narciso

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