In Your Element

By Catheryne Kelly

Let us introduce you to a new kind of relaxation; one that grounds you in the splendour of Mother Nature. From the shores of Cornwall and Scandinavia, may we present two naturally uplifting and invigorating lines of body care and home fragrance from land&water and Skandinavisk. Be In Your Element as these brands transport you to a place of natural serenity and mindfulness. What’s more, you can further relax in the knowledge that both brands are ethically sourced, cruelty-free and vegan. Images Karin Berndl


Composed on the coast of Cornwall with a hint of Alpine inspiration, land&water seeks to expand the realms of relaxation. For them it goes beyond a candlelit bath. Relaxation can take the form of being at one with nature, feeling the wind in your hair, the sea salt prickling your skin and the sand between your toes.


Getting active is the key to unwinding both the body and mind, claims Pix Ashworth, founder of land&water. Resting your adventure-tired limbs at the end of a day in the great outdoors clears the mind and uplifts the body.


This combination of invigoration and serenity lies at the heart of the land&water collection. In collaboration with the brand, leading perfumer, Richard Howard used nature’s infinite design to evoke these feelings through 100% vegan essential oils.


While every product features notes of citrus as a sharp and fruity awakening of the senses, three active ingredients shape the land&water collection:


First is samphire, which can be found in all land&water lotions. It is a hardy plant, growing on the fringes of land and sea, with impressive capabilities for protecting itself from dehydration. The brand uses samphire’s extract, hydrosalinol, which helps to smoothen, moisturise and restructure skin.


The second essential active is spike moss; found in all of land&water‘s washes. It is nicknamed the ‘resurrection plant’ for its ability to recover and rehydrate after dry spells in the salty sea air. Its hydrating extract, hydranellys, uses the same biotechnology to restore your skin’s lipid balance and retain water.


Finally, sea buckthorn can be found in all land&water oils and scrubs. Extracted from the berries of the sea buckthorn plant, which clings to rocky sea cliffs and thrives on sunshine, this natural antioxidant is high in vitamin C and benefits from skin rejuvenating properties.


The whole collection sounds good enough to eat! It ranges from a hand wash and lotion, shampoo and conditioner, salt scrub and bath oil, to a candle and diffuser. All feature the citrusy scents of grapefruit, orange and mandarin married with the all-important three active ingredients found along rugged Cornish coastlines.


To win you over even more, all ingredients used in the collection are made in small batches, ethically sourced and completely vegan. All bottles are 100% post-consumer recycled and external packaging is reduced to a minimum, using only recyclable FSC-certified paper when absolutely necessary. Also, every product is made in the UK.

“Imagine a great land hidden at the end of a long, rocky track. A land populated by silent forests, silvery lakes, secluded islands and mountains of snow.”


Inspired by the serenity of Scandinavian life is the body care and home fragrance brand, Skandinavisk.


Britton, Shaun Russell created the brand in Copenhagen in 2012. He not only fell in love with the land, but also its people; falling for a Scandinavian gardener and never leaving. Skandinavisk is a product of almost 20 years of travel experience across the Nordic region.


According to Russell, Scandinavian living isn’t rooted in where you’re from, but how you think, what you treasure and the way in which you treat others and the world around you.


Each Skandinavisk product manages to bottle the breathtaking elements of Scandinavian nature along with Scandinavian values.


Be inspired by the awe of wild and rugged coastlines, immense boreal forests and cascading waterfalls while at the same time being reminded of homely cosiness and tranquility. Skandinavisk is a perfect reflection of the famous Scandinavian landscape and its inhabitants’ relishing of it.


Feel the balance of nature in its capacity for both serenity and wildness. Let the brisk outside encourage you savour the warmth of the inside infinitely more. Wholesomeness, ease and completeness are the building blocks of which Skandinavisk is made.


Its elegant muted colour scheme, symbols and use of meaningful local words really encapsulate the serene and fulfilling je ne sais quoi of Scandinavian life.


The range itself includes hand creams, washes and lotions, body washes, scented candles and diffusers. Choose between ten tantalising fragrances; some inspired by the breathtaking Scandinavian landscape, others by the sanctuary of the inside.


Whatever fragrance you select, many of the body products feature water as their primary ingredient. This water is sourced from a local Danish well, 130 meters deep, and active for more than 60 years, which sits directly beneath the production site and minimises transportation costs and the diversion of scarce water supplies.


As for the scented candles, their wax is extracted from Swedish rapeseed oil that is traceable, sustainably farmed, and non-GMO. They burn as bright as regular candles but produce much less of an environmental impact.


Exactly seven years after its initial launch, Skandinavisk has released the ‘Next Generation’ of its products with an unwavering commitment to sustainability in mind. This collection is more local, natural, organic, ethical, and responsible than the last. All products are 100% vegan and 100% made in Scandinavia.

Above all, these two brands deliver to us a masterclass in mindfulness. Mental clarity can be achieved when you strive to align yourself with the natural world. In a world full of noise, stress and conflict it can sometimes seem impossible to even pause for breath. Using either land&water or Skandinavisk would be a luxurious and indulgent step in the right direction as to helping you make time for both yourself and nature every day. Find yourself In Your Element and drift away into a world of introspection, appreciation and relaxation, for however long you wish.


The land&water collection is available to buy online at and at Swim Club, Watergate Bay Hotel, Cornwall; the Ashworth’s family-owned hotel spa retreat.

All ‘Next Generation’ products can be found online at and Post-lockdown, pop-ups are planned at Selfridges and Liberty, London. Look out for Skandinavisk in other international retailers including Printemps France, KaDeWe Germany, Isetan Japan, David Jones Australia and Tomorrowland Japan and New York.

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