Independent Art

By Jo Phillips

Independent art gallery: tips and advice on how to increase sales. Image Image by Tasos Lekkas from Pixabay

It’s well acknowledged that starting a new small business can be hard. With various hoops to jump through and battles with large-scale businesses to overcome, gaining and maintaining interest can be tough. The arts are an underfunded industry and faced a tough time during the COVID-19 pandemic, with many art galleries having no choice but to close. However, if your business has survived or you’re wanting to start a new one, here are some tips and advice to help increase sales.


Good marketing is the key to your business success. Getting your name out there and stirring up interest is a great way to drive sales. You could try social media marketing as it’s a brilliant way to attract a younger, tech-savvy audience. Post pictures of new pieces, share business news or interact with your followers – whatever it takes to boost your business. Alternatively, you could use more traditional marketing techniques. For example, design an eye-catching poster to help draw in local people. Be sure to place them in an area with a heavy footfall to attract as many visitors as possible.

Organise events

If you want to go one step further with your marketing efforts, why not host an event to celebrate the local artists? You could invite the talent as well as make it an open event. What’s more, adding a ticket fee will help boost the revenue for your gallery.

Create an inviting atmosphere

Visiting an art gallery is an experience, so make it more than just the art. Carefully choose the décor to give visitors a relaxed, serene feeling. You want to make sure they feel relaxed and that nothing draws their attention away from the art. If you have resident artists or themes within your galley, you could create sections and decorate accordingly. Placing benches or seats around the gallery gives people the opportunity to relax and take in the art or discuss it with friends and family.

Great customer service

If you’re running an exclusive gallery, you need your customer service to match. You want your customers to leave and feel looked after and satisfied with their experience. It might be worth offering an incentive to keep them coming back. For example, drinks tokens, free passes, or monthly memberships. Once you have your customers signed up for your services, keep in touch over email and offer exclusive deals or a first look at events.

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