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By Jo Phillips

Should I Upgrade to a King Size Bed?

Are you always being disturbed by your partner when you are in bed? Do they take up all the space or steal your bedclothes? When it comes to poor sleep, partner disturbance is one of the most common complaints. Even if you’ve got the best mattress and the highest quality sheets, disturbing one another throughout the night cannot be helped. Or can it? Studies show that sleeping in a larger bed means that partners are less likely to disturb one another, improving your sleep quality and your relationship too. Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider upgrading your mattress to a king size.

#1. More Space:

It goes without saying that the bigger the bed, the more space you’ll have for comfortable and rested sleep. A standard double bed offers just 2ft 3in of space per person, which is less space than a baby has in a cot. It sounds pretty squeezed when you put it like that. Check out these Casper king size mattresses, which not only provides you with ample room but also offers second-to-none support and comfort for your body as you sleep. Yes, a Casper king size mattress is well worth the investment!

#2. Better Sleep:

Studies have shown that couples sleep better together when they’re sharing a bigger bed. And, it’s not just the space that matters. Along with upgrading to a bigger bed, think about boosting your mattress quality too.

Casper, known as the better bed company, has a range of king size mattresses to choose from including both the ‘essential’ and the ‘Casper’, which offer the same amount of support, and varying amounts of comfort. They have been awarded Which? Best Buy for 2019 and you get a 100-day free trial as standard with each of their mattresses, along with a 10-year guarantee.

#3. Because You Spend So Much Time in Bed:

Did you know that you actually spend one-third of your whole life in bed? That’s a lot, so don’t waste all those years feeling cramped in a tiny bed with your partner or sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t offer the right support for the two of you. There’s nothing more important to invest in than your sleep quality, as it greatly affects every other aspect of your life.

#4. It Doesn’t Really Cost Much More:

You might want to move up a size when it comes to your bed, but if the prices are putting you off, it can be easy to stick with a cheaper standard double. However, it’s a good idea to bear in mind that it doesn’t necessarily have to cost you a huge amount more when it comes to upgrading your bed size. In fact, every extra £100 spent on a new bed amounts to as little as 4p a night over seven years, which isn’t that bad when you put it that way. And, with more and more high-quality budget bed and mattress retailers available online, it’s easy to find a product that suits your budget.

#5. Because 16 Other Countries Can’t Be Wrong:

When it comes to bed size, Brits are trailing behind with 16 more countries in Europe alone buying bigger and more roomier beds. Belgium, Holland, Greece, Iceland, Switzerland, and Finland are top of the list, with king size beds being a top choice for most people. By contrast, Brits are still buying more standard double beds than any other size.

#6. Because It’s Better for You Physically:

The average person wriggles and turns in bed around 60-70 times per night, so giving yourself more room to do that is better for both you and your partner. In addition to reducing partner disturbance as you sleep, a larger bed means that you have plenty of room to move around at night, helping you avoid aches and pains that come from trying to change positions whilst you’re asleep without a lot of room to do so.

#7. Because Your Mattress Needs Replacing:

Have you been sleeping on a standard double mattress for seven years or more? Then there’s a high chance that it’s going to need replacing soon anyway. And, a mattress that’s ready to be replaced is the perfect excuse to upgrade the whole bed to a bigger size. Signs that your mattress needs replacing soon include waking up with aches and pains or more tired than you were before you went to bed, painful pressure points from broken springs, lumps and bumps in the mattress, or trouble sleeping at night. If your mattress is sagging in the middle, this is also a symptom of wear that should never be ignored. Upgrade to a new, king size bed and mattress and you’ll notice the difference straight away.

When it comes to our beds, most Brits prefer the standard double due to small rooms, and simple familiarity. But if you can upgrade to a king bed for multiple benefits!

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