Innovate Home Beauty

By Noemie Hamon

Innovations are at the very basis of our world’s evolution. Every day new projects and products are imagined. The future is waiting for us. In the field of beauty, scientists make discoveries and use them to upgrade our wellness and our skin’s health. We already use machines to help us like mechanical massagers for example. Today, mechanical beauty is still in its infancy. But more and more popular are devices that were once only for the salon are now readily available to use by oneself at home. Discover more mechanical beauty products in Innovational Beauty.

We need to take care of our skin. The skin on our face is the most sensitive part of our body, it is delicate, especially around the eye area.

Peep Club is a brand that pays attention to this problem and has created an innovation to solve it. Called the Heated Eye Wand, a wand that heats to 45° to help your eye cream penetrates properly to where they are really needed and not to sit on the surface. A warming gentle solution which not only helps but also works as a home treatment. We all know the importance of a little loving care and spending a little ‘me time’ is just as important for the soul as it is for our physical health.

This optimal temperature and the massage you can do using the machine unlocks the tiny glands responsible for hydrating your eyes.

With lockdown, more and more of us have had tired eyes because of screens watching screens for more than 6 hours a day. The brand’s coconut eye balm is both an eye treatment and a make-up remover which they advise using with the Heated Eye Wand. They also have the Peep Club Instant Relief Dry Eye Spray in case you wish for more hydration for your eyes. As a package, it offers multi solutions to our precious eye care.

Covid has also imposed even more hygiene laws than usual. Having a cream in a jar, using your hands to apply your cream and serum; all these habits aren’t recommended at the best of time but much more so in times of Covid. That is why Réduit has created ‘Uni’, a touchless beauty gadget that permits an application of a Réduit product in the form of a mist. Therefore meaning no finers that may not be truly clean ‘affecting’ the pure products we wish to put directly on our skin or hair.

Réduit is a brand that aims to revolutionize the everyday beauty routine. They care about performance, sustainability and user-friendliness. Their new product Uni, is a way to be safe at all times as well as during covid. They sell both the HairPods and skinpods that are to be used with the Uni devices.

The pods concentrated formulas give you the same applications as a full-sized bottle, to do all the usual things you’d want from your beauty arsenal as in hydration and volumisation. So not only does the tech provide LED and nano misting to penetrate, you’re able to be less wasteful in your plastic consumption too. At only 5ml, RÉDUIT’s Smartpods are equivalent to 100-200ml of conventional products and deliver up to 20 applications for hair, and 40 for skin treatments.

On top of being a truly great piece of innovation, the company has a design ethos to match apple or another beautifully presented items that look as beautiful on a bathroom as they would in a gallery.

Both the Hairpods and Skinpods ranges contain the same concentrated formulas as the original pods but are supercharged with LED therapy to amplify the results and give a professional salon finish. The full range of both LED Hairpods and LED Skinpods are compatible with the RÉDUIT UNI device.

Our world is evolving every day, everything changes and new innovations replace the old ones. Mechanical beauty is another way to take care of yourself and sometimes it is also a way to have an easier and more efficient beauty routine.

You can find Peep Club here and Réduit products here.

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