Insider Fashion

By Jo Phillips

London Fashion week is an internationally renowned event, one that is looked at via social media millions of times, yet only a handful of people actually get to go to the events and catwalk shows. But what if you were able to get up close and personal? be a fashion insider? From backstage to front of house? Here are images from the shows during LFW, the images and angles most don’t usually get to see.

All images and film Abi Perkins, video editor Alyona Baranoff

  Dilara Findikoglu


Helen Kirkum


Julien Macdonald

Left Helen Anthony, right Kaushik Velendra

KWK by Kay Wok



Rue Aghtonis



Lula Laora

Mas by Mad Slovack

Mark Fast


Paul Costello

Ray Chou

Sol Hansottir

Solford University

Unitilab left, rightTata Naka

Yuhan Wang


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