{ Intangible }

By Jo Phillips

Intangible 1 London-based fashion house À La Disposition recently released its first unisex fragrance {intangible}. Encased in a sleek, ceramic, skull-shaped bottle, {intangible} contains two separate fragrances intended to be worn together or separately.

Intangible 2

Although both scents begin with base and middle notes of amber and smokey sandalwood, the top notes ensure that {intangible} provides two distinct olfactory experiences, which becomes apparent as the scents settle. In the first scent the accord between the soft base notes and the sharp top note of Sicilian lemon creates a vibrant, citrusy, chypre-like smell. The other scent is creamier; the touch of musk contained in the top note provides a warm, rich sensation which complements the lighter first scent perfectly.

Intangible 3

{Intangible} is three unique scents contained in one eye-catching, conceptual bottle and can be found at the À La Disposition store or online.

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