Intensely Clean

By Joana Sousa Lara

As we enter the month of August, we shift towards another monthly theme: Intense. The synonyms are varied: excessive, energetic, powerful, profound, deep, heightened, vivid, harsh, fierce, extreme. At .Cent, we want to demonstrate all these emotions and give wings to your imagination. Today we dive into sustainability once more. Excessive washing is a real problem, in our world. So much water is used when we wash our clothes and what about the harsh chemicals too? There are solutions to hand, no ones that will change the world forever, but certainly will help. Find out more in Intensely Clean here.

How many of us wash a pair of jeans after one wear? Or a favourite sweatshirt? Did it ever occur to us that maybe just maybe we could get second or third wear from them and by doing so, save on water usage?

Technology may just be our newest friend when it comes to helping the world especially when it comes to fashion (one of the most polluting industries). What about ways to refresh your clothes to give them extra wear whilst washing them less and saving water or even a stream to keep them looking sharp?

The favourite jumper in the washing basket? Need it now for your night out? No time to wash?… Worry not… Introducing the FreshUp by Bosch, a breakthrough new device that quickly refreshes clothing by using the power of plasma to destroy odour molecules, no water, no chemicals, just instantly revived clothes.

This means you may save money on washing and dry cleaning. It also works flawlessly and safely on delicate clothing, so pre-loved or rental pieces with care labels that have worn off may be cared for without causing damage.

Did you know 44 per cent of Brits regularly dig clothes out of our laundry basket to wear? Some have cancelled after-work socials because their clothes smelt bad and/or are put off buying vintage clothes because of the musty smell. But washing your clothes too frequently can cause serious damage, not only to your clothes but to the environment.

Why you shouldn’t wash your clothes too frequently

The majority of the clothes we own is made from synthetic fibres such as polyester, nylon, and acrylic, all of which pose serious environmental issues.

We contribute to plastic pollution by cleaning our clothing in a washing machine since millions of these synthetic fibres are shed with each wash and end up polluting our rivers. Once in our rivers, they endanger the marine ecosystems by being mistaken for food by seafaring species. Plastic fibres have also infiltrated tap water in several parts of the world, resulting in many of us inadvertently eating plastic.

Of course, we’re not telling you to not wash your clothes at all but some garments should be carefully cleaned. Over-washing is harmful to both the fabric and the environment. Laundry consumes water and power and necessitates the use of detergents, which are sometimes laced with hazardous chemicals like Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS).

FreshUp like a Bosch

Bosch has developed a portable electronic gadget that removes odours from clothes, immediately freshening them without the need for water, solvents, or detergents. The FreshUp is a genuinely innovative device that uses the power of plasma to break down odour molecules when it is running over garments.

Unlike sprays, the plasma in the FreshUp eradicates the links between scent molecules, breaking them down. Even strong scents like cigarette smoke and body odour are eliminated, leaving garments looking as though they were hanging outside to dry.

The FreshUp is an innovative approach to refreshing garments without the time, money, and effort associated with dry-cleaning and washing. It may be used on the move or at home, eradicating the ‘chair-drobe’ — clothing that accumulates on the back of a chair after being worn once or twice and requires freshening.

How to use it?

It is totally safe to use since it utilizes plasma to destroy odours rather than harsh cleaning methods that might shrink, tear, or discolour textiles. This includes delicate fabrics like silk, cashmere, and wool and goods that typically require additional care, such as antique pieces or dry-clean-only items, with no chance of causing damage to garments.

This product is ideal for on-the-go and travelling since it is lightweight and simple to use. It is small enough to carry in a purse and rechargeable with a regular micro-USB charger, with each charge lasting up to 60 minutes. It does not require any further maintenance or cleaning materials to function – simply store it in its case until needed.

Bosch represents the engineers that seek to make daily living easier, with almost a century of invention behind them. The FreshUp is designed and manufactured with the same high quality and dependability that Bosch is recognized for. Bosch’s latest innovation establishes a completely new category in the domestic industry.

How about a steamer?

As innovative technology becomes more readily available, Propress Steamers are now taking not only the fashion industry by storm as another step in looking after our clothes and giving them a longer shelf life.

Remember the feeling of exasperation when you had the perfect outfit in mind but to your horror, you discovered it had become creased and shapeless? Well fret not, designed by experts this steamer is lightweight and portable making ironing a thing of the past, so is it time to say goodbye to your ironing board and hello to Propress?

Founded by fashion importer and entrepreneur Brian Fillery in 1980, Propress was the first British company to create professional garments and fabric steamers for large fashion houses. Now as the go-to brand for steamers, the professional industry finish is available at your fingertips! So, if you want innovative technology that not only works well but looks amazing, keep reading.

Offering several benefits, the steamer not only smoothes out creases and restores the shape, but also kills bacteria and removes odour to ensure your fabrics are rejuvenated to prolong their quality, saving you from having to buy the same jeans twice! Heating up in under a minute, Propress has you covered for when you want to give your favourite outfit a new lease on life so you can wear it confidently!

Propress Mini Big Belly

Coming in three unique colourways the steamer is designed to fit into not only your lifestyle but also your home. There are variations in size so that you can pick your perfect match.  Its unique and versatile ‘Big Belly’ tank option, offers more flexibility and range of use than any other hand steamer on the market. The ‘Big Belly’ is designed to simply clip on instead of the standard tank, almost doubling the capacity and steaming time. Sold separately the tank can be added quickly and easily for those more demanding jobs.

Doubling the capacity and steaming time provides even more flexibility whilst keeping to the same standard and aesthetic, what more could you need. So are you ready to say farewell to ironing as we embrace the progression of technology in our households? with the added bonus of helping mother earth.

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