Intensive Driving

By Jo Phillips

Is an Intensive Driving Course Worth the Extra Investment?

With an increasing number of cars being purchased every year, the roads are becoming more dangerous than ever, especially for young drivers. From 1951 to 2006, an estimated 309,144 casualties due to road accidents were reported in the UK. In 2015 alone, 1,732 casualties and 140,086 personal injuries due to road accidents were reported. According to a research, young drivers are at a higher risk of being in an accident on the road compared to the mature drivers. Remember, you are vulnerable to road accidents not only due to your own driving skills, but also because of careless driving by other people.

Many people take refresher courses to improve their driving skills. However, what can you do when the person driving next to your car is careless, has poor driving skills or is drunk or distracted?


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Defensive Vs Aggressive

Defensive drivers are more alert and active, both mentally and physically. They pay more attention to their surroundings. In contrast, aggressive drivers are careless and drive recklessly. They rarely pay attention to their surroundings and rarely cooperate with other motorists.

What is Intensive Driving Course?

An intensive driving course comprises of 3–4 hours of driving lessons per day. It is like a crash course in which the student drives under the instructor’s guidance and the driving lessons are given several times during a week. Intensive driving schools like Momentum are becoming increasingly popular across the UK due to added benefits for driving students.

Intensive driving courses are usually less costly than regular driving lessons. Given below are a few reasons why an intensive driving course is worth your investment.

1.    More Practice

Intensive driving courses include frequent lessons. Hence, you can apply what you learned in your last class in the next lesson easily. Frequent practice improves your skills and helps you to memorise the ins and outs of driving like a pro.

2.    Reduced Time and Cost

Many people do not enrol in driving courses because they believe these courses to be time-consuming. An intensive driving course is the condensed form of traditional training, only with reduced time and cost. Also, the success rate of passing the driving test is usually higher with intensive driving courses than regular ones, due to increased concentration and practice.

3.    Better Mechanical Knowledge

During the course of intensive driving lessons, the trainer not only instructs you about road rules and regulations, but also guides you about the mechanics of the car. Intensive driving courses are thus more practical. A little knowledge about car mechanics and maintenance is necessary to keep your car in the best shape. This will also help you in ensuring that the mechanic does not charge you extra money by claiming non-existent faults.

4.    Critical Road Understanding

During intensive driving lessons, you will learn to manage small as well as complex situations on the road. Also, you will master the art of coordinating with other drivers on the road. This includes giving way to other cars, finding your way into traffic and understanding the indicators and signals of other drivers. With this understanding, you can turn into a responsible and efficient driver.

5.    Confidence Building

Practice makes perfect and when you practice frequently, it can boost your confidence and make you an expert on the subject. When you practice driving more frequently such as during intensive courses, your confidence also improves.

In the UK, the minimum age for a full driving license is 17, whereas 16-year old teens can also get their driving license by claiming mobility benefits. As mentioned earlier, teens and young drivers are more vulnerable to road accidents. Confidence building can therefore help them in making safe and effective decisions while on the road.

6.    Reduced Driving Risks

An accident may or may not happen due to your mistake. Many times, it is careless driving or the inability to make an effective decision in an emergency. Also, a majority of young drivers are unaware of the pitfalls and dangers of driving while drunk. Drug and alcohol abuse not only distracts your concentration and makes you more vulnerable to an accident, but keeping alcohol or drugs in the car is also against the law. Young teens unaware of alcohol and drug related traffic laws are often detained or arrested.

With increased confidence and improved road skills, the risk of accidents and mishaps can be significantly reduced. If an accident is recorded in your national data, it can seriously affect many aspects of your life, such as future employment opportunities.

7.    Improved Understanding of Traffic Laws

Intensive driver’s education and training courses include lessons on traffic laws and rules. Many people rarely read the driver’s manual. Surprisingly, even experienced drivers often forget the laws and rules of driving. Therefore, intensive driving courses are necessary not only for new drivers, but also for experienced ones. Improved understanding of traffic rules can prevent you from breaking laws and helps you in maintaining a good citizen’s record.

8.    More Freedom

After passing your driving test, you can be free to travel anywhere you want, without requiring anyone’s supervision. Hence, an intensive driving course can provide you freedom quickly while ensuring that you are aware of your rights and responsibilities on the road.

9.    Increased Personal Responsibility

While driving, you are responsible not only for your life, but also for the lives of people around you on the road. An intensive driving course can prepare you to handle different situations on the road without panicking. It also teaches you about your duties on the road as aresponsible citizen. For example, if you see an accident, it is your responsibility to call 101 or 999 and take an action to save the lives of people involved in the accident.

Intensive driving courses are specifically designed to teach you necessary driving lessons as well as prepare you to become a responsible driver. It is a one-time investment that will keep you safe from accidents and teach you a new skill in no time at all.

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