Is There a Doctor in My House? Get to Know the Drops that Will Make You Glow!

By Camilla Iannucci

Let’s be honest, to look and feel good is a priority. Often we start with how our skin looks as a mirror to our insides. But with a plethora of advice, we are bombarded with so much information, that we wonder who can we really trust. Feeling safe in the hands of professionals could be a good starting place. By bringing expertise and knowledge to our everyday life the new strain of skincare Doctors are bringing their deep learning on how the skin really works to us all. A perfect example is the skincare brand Dr. LEVY, a brand with a new solution for hyperpigmentation: The Pigment Control Drops. Learn more here in Is There a Doctor in My House? Get to Know the Drops that Will Make You Glow!

LEVY Switzerland is a unique skincare brand co-founded by Dr. Philip Levy, an outstanding dermatologist and aesthetic medicine expert. The brand wants to connect to its customers helping them understand how the world is evolving and what people’s needs are today.

Combining science with natural-based solutions, Dr. LEVY‘S mission has been to help his patients delay cosmetic surgery, by restoring their skin’s natural youthful glow. Reminding us no one should be intimidated by the skincare world.

Because constantly exposed to a lot of confusing information, it’s refreshing to learn of a brand that understands the needs of people. Especially when it comes to aesthetics, consumers can feel vulnerable and because of that they want what’s truly best for them.

It is frightening to ‘fiddle with our facial skin’. With it being such a visible characteristic, we need reassurance, even when it’s from outside of a doctor’s office. Dr LEVY pushes the boundaries of the regular way we perceive doctors. You won’t need an appointment to understand more about your skin and how it works. As the skincare landscape changes, getting to know a product became a priority for all of us. That’s why we need a brand that humanises us by caring for our individual needs.

The brand communicates with its consumers through webinars and clear product descriptions. Giving the users a chance to explore the world of skincare through the eyes of a professional. Basically have access to a dermatologist every time the feeling of expertise is needed.
So it’s really not about what brands say, but how they say it, and how it helps in the end.

Dr. LEVY Switzerland recently came up with an alternative solution to treat hyperpigmentation, the Pigment Control Drops. Featuring a “360 strategy” ” the drops are created for your skin to change and for you to understand why.

Hyperpigmentation is an excess of Melanin production. That’s the pigment colouring or skin, and is seen as the dark spots in our skin. It can happen at any moment and it is often a genetic condition.
To really see improvements, what’s needed is an interference with the skin’s melanin production. Its process consisting of producing, storing, and transporting melanin.

Previously formulations only treat one specific step of the process. However, thanks to science progress, undertaken by Dr Levy he now understands and can safely treat more steps of the process, with just one product. This new launch is pigment control drops.

Exploring the formula we find several key ingredients such as Red Algae which limits melanin production and controls UV-induced darkening, Tranexamid Acid which regulates hyperpigmentation at its source by limiting melanin production, Niacinamide Preventing pigmentation by blocking melanocyte transfer and protecting against inflammatory imperfections and last but not least, Vitamin C reducing the intensity of age and pigment spots whilst limiting external causes of pigmentation, such as UV and pollution.
As skin care users, many of us find these big medical words intimidating but the brand helps in the understanding of what these words mean in our everyday lives.

But as Dr. LEVY mentioned, why settle for a good product when you can have a better one? That’s the reason why, the drops also feature an innovative antioxidant-rich “OX8” complex. A combination of eight Alpine plant extracts from organic and fair trade harvested plants from the Swiss Alps. These plant extracts are rich in oxidation-fighting capabilities, helping you fight the damage your imperfections create.

And if that doesn’t sound convincing enough, all the products are 85% natural, 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and Swiss-made. Plus, free from parabens, mineral oils, perfumes, sulfates, microplastics, cyclo silicones, ethanol amines, and phthalates.

The Pigment Control Drops offer a refreshing perspective on addressing pigmentation issues for all skin types, ethnicities, and genders.

But is not the good ingredients alone that make this product trustworthy.
The priority is to keep in mind how, as human beings, we need to feel involved and heard. The brand’s prerogative, is then, to make users familiarise themselves with their own skin processes to understand why they can trust the ingredients in their products.

The drops are easy to use just add-on to your everyday routine. Nevertheless, the website suggests using them it with other Dr. LEVY’s products for optimal results.

For example, pair it with the R3 Cell Matrix mask, with vitamin C, retinol, and concentrated hyaluronic acid to replenish the skin instantly and glow again. Or add 5 drops to Dr. LEVY’s booster serum, a plant-derived stem cell extract. It is scientifically proven to stimulate your dermal stem cells, the source of collagen, for a youthful look.

All Dr LEVY’s products are carefully created for you to feel like a person rather than a consumer only. This definitely raises our standards for products by reminding us we’re much more than just buyers.
Dr LEVY respects individuality and comfort. It’s a doctor people can take by the hand and consult from their own bathroom, to understand what they really need.
As we all need and deserve clarity, the aim is for anyone to embrace their natural skin by changing what’s interfering with their confidence.

You can find out more and shop Dr LEVY’s products here.

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