James Lavelle

By Jo Phillips


Join the talented James Lavelle at Meltdown this Friday 13th June at Southbank. This is the 21st year anniversary of the event and the festival will include DJ’s: Gilles Peterson, Pam Hogg and Trevor Jackson. There will be a Mo’Wax exhibition going on as well as Guests and Speakers, such as Jeff Mills, DJ Shadow, Max Richter, Gavin Turk, Tom Baker, Fiona Stewart, Renee ESG and the man himself, James Lavelle.

At age 18, Lavelle started the iconic music label Mo’Wax. He has experienced the to and forefront of the world-wide DJ-ing scene.

We are due great weather this weekend, so may be a good way to celebrate would be to get down to Southbank for a weekend of good music.


For more information visit: www.southbankcentre.co.uk

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