JCA Fashion’s Future Stars; Explore this Show and Meet the New Stars.

By Catarina Figueiredo Soares

JCA | London Fashion Academy showcased its MA graduates’ new collections in Fashion Entrepreneurship in Design and Brand Innovation during London Frieze Week. The new collections are by the graduates Saleha Hussain, Olivia Black, Polly McEvitt, Mariam Saeed, Rocio Sánchez, Meryem Bertal and Aaiyma Masoud. The presentation had couture, modest and bridal wear on show. Find out more in JCA Fashion’s Future Stars; Explore this Show and Meet the New Stars.

Images courtesy of JCA | London Fashion Academy


Aaiyma was inspired by ordinary geometric shapes and three-dimensionality to conceptualize “simple unusual”. Shape of Object 1 is a blend of innovation, art expression and elegance. Sand-washed silk, crepe de chine, and pure silk are the materials used to give the impression of a living organism adapting to its environment while remaining unique.

“Fashion is an art form that combines design, creativity, and functionality. It is a way of expressing oneself and making a statement. Sculpture is the art of creating three-dimensional forms that evoke emotions and tell stories. Where fashion meets sculpture.”

Aaiyma when discussing what AAIYMA Creative Studios means to her.


Created by Mariam, LOCATION-em is a promise to her grandmother that she would create a red dress for her. The brand’s commitment is to make available exceptional dresses while embodying the values of love, respect and honor. Inspired by royalty, reflecting how the designer saw her grandmother, this collection includes Mariam’s grandmother’s signature used as a print. With bold colours and flowy embellished silhouettes, the garments appeal to modern women.

“The name LOCATION-em encapsulates the brand’s main mission. It stands as a symbol of the destination, the ultimate location, for every modest individual seeking dress that aligns with their guidelines”

Mariam Saeed.


The genderless fashion brand’s new collection A War with the Environment uses surplus materials and second-hand garments as the brand focuses on transmitting sustainable shopping and textile waste reduction. With military fashion as an inspiration, this collection portrays a battle between clothing and nature for a reduction of textile waste. A key part of the brand’s identity is combination which is possible through the layering of staple looks with other pieces. Macramé, eco Vera bleach with no chemicals, punch needle felting, and hank-inking deadstock liqutex are textile techniques hand-done at JCA. The wool and other materials used in A War with the Environment are a collaboration with Edward Clay and Sons, a sustainable wool company.

“Together, we can break the chains of gendered fashion and create a world where sustainability and self-empowerment are sewn into the very fabric of our existence”

Olivia Black


Challenging norms and inviting the audience to embrace life’s little pleasures is what Polly McKevitt is about. This distinct aesthetic with a focus on retro silhouettes delivers cutting-edge and expressive pieces. The inspiration comes from a vase that Polly’s mother got gifted as a wedding present bringing back nostalgic memories that allowed Polly’s creativity to run free. Cluttergories embraces garment layering and the uniqueness of clutter and hoarding items. With sustainability being a part of the brand’s identity, every garment is 100% from deadstock materials.

“We believe that fashion is not just about aesthetics but also about the stories it tells and the emotions it evokes. Through our avant-garde designs, we invite our audience to embark on a transformative journey of self- discovery, where they can find joy in treasuring life’s simple pleasure and expressing their true selves”

Polly McKevitt


As a bridal and ceremonial brand, ICELA BERRA celebrates uniqueness, femininity and individuality. Inspired by angelic beings Rocio evokes a sense of otherworldliness providing timeless and modern wedding wear options. Each garment is 80% sustainable from deadstock or overstock garments.

“The way you dress and buy says a lot about who you are, the choices you make are everything. You can just be trendy or ‘THE ONE’.”

Rocio Icela Sánchez Martínez


The luxury streetwear brand aims to embrace individuality and facilitate clothing that allows consumers to be authentic without compromising their values. Evoking empowerment and individual expression, Saleha redefines modest fashion using sophisticated colours, high-quality fabrics and contemporary silhouettes. Making stylish comfortable, inspired by urban streetwear, the garments are crafted with detailed tailoring and intricate draping.

“Yasmin, being the middle name of many generations of women in my family. For me, it signifies the strength and resilience of these women through so much adversity. It pushes me to continue providing a safe and inspiring space for the next generation of girls and women, and encourages them to invest in themselves as their most prized possessions.”

Saleha Hussain


UNBD by Meryem is an innovative fusion of athleisure and self-expression. Inspired by dance, the collection aims to allow dancers and athletes to express themselves freely by having designs that effortlessly transition from the dance studio to everyday life. Blending activewear and high fashion each garment encapsulates individuality.

We believe dance is for everybody, regardless of shape, size, or background. Our versatile designs aim to adapt to various body types, allowing everyone to move with confidence.”

Meryem Bertal

JCA is a leading fashion school founded by Prof. Jimmy Choo OBE and Mr. Stephen Smith. Established in September 2021 in Mayfair with the goal of reshaping and bringing life to London’s fashion community. The space is for more than just educational purposes, it provides co-working spaces for start-ups, calendar of networking and fashion-focused events and exhibition and gallery space. In 2022, the JCA expanded opening a second campus in West London.

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