Jerry Naylor at the Half Moon

By Pascal Ebner

Jerry Naylor

The .Cent team was invited to Jerry Naylor’s exclusive gig at the Half Moon Pub in Putney to listen to some classics of the Crickets as well as amazing covers of other popular songs from the past. Jerry Naylor himself became the lead singer of the Crickets back in 1960, a rock and roll band from Texas, formed by singer Buddy Holly.

The Crickets helped to set the template for subsequent rock bands, such as the Beatles. Throughout the evening Naylor did not only amaze with his voice but also shared stories from his time with The Crickets and gave a personal insight to the history of the band.

The Half Moon itself is one of London’s great music venues that opened in the 1960s. Especially the Rolling Stones enjoyed playing there and still present private, individual gigs every now and then.

The Crickets – Jerry Naylor: right

Jerry Naylor is set to release a brand new record on the 50th anniversary of his time in the band.

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