Jigsaw Autumn/Winter ’15 Menswear Collection Preview

By Jo Phillips

When so many people show up that you run out of goodie bags, you know the event was a success.

The fantastic turnout at the Jigsaw Autumn/Winter ’15 Menswear Collection Preview in collaboration with .Cent was truly indicative of how fun and welcoming the event was. The party was also in celebration of the A-Z “Man; Explained” issue of .Cent Magazine.  Of course, a night like this couldn’t have been possible without our sponsors: Jigsaw, Sipsmith, Sauvelle Vodka, Murdock Skincare, Original Beans Chocolate, and 1724 Tonic Water.

poster100% Design worked on visuals and film led by Chief Designer Rhiannon Brackpool.

Revisiting our Man; Explained Issue and our London Collections Men post, we searched for the best dressed men of the night with sartorial elegance.  “It wasn’t hard at all to find men in eloquent and unique styles walking throughout the store” said Agustina, a member of the .Cent team.  “Everywhere people were examining the fashionable, new Jigsaw clothing.  It’s an amazing collection.”

jigsaw clothing browsing

jigsaw looking

Guests enjoyed refreshing drinks from our main sponsor Sauvelle Vodka (which was featured in .Cent’s previous article Fire Water).  Sauvelle was created by Olivier Carsoule and Antoine Gravouil.  They are two men who are passionate about cognac, and it was this passion that led them to create their own brand of vodka.  Pairing with their distiller Miko, they together experimented in his lab in his own home in the Cognac area of France, (where, logically enough, many cognac distillers reside). The final product is unique with regard to the intensity of its refinement, giving Sauvelle its distinct taste.  Sauvelle concocted delicious cocktails such as the Sauvelle & 17.

Other cocktails people enjoyed were made by 1724 Tonic Water and Sipsmith Gin.

jigsaw drinks

The conversation flowed as easily as the drinks did.  “Jigsaw’s special night was glowing with great atmosphere,”  said Naseema, a member of the .Cent team who was present at the event.  “Extremely open and friendly, it opened its doors to many interesting guests. The décor of the store and its positive vibe was a perfect combination as drinks were flowing.”

jigsaw ambiance

“It was so easy to get good photos of the event because everyone was truly enjoying themselves,” said Rhiannon, the photographer of the event and Chief Designer for .Cent.  “Everyone looked fashionable, and it was a fantastic group of people to celebrate the launching of the beautiful menswear collection.”

jigsaw twins with beards

jigsaw men

The comfortable ambiance was also set by the Northern Soul classics that played throughout the night.  The old-school DJ adeptly played music from vinyl records.

jigsaw music

To finish off the night with something sweet, Original Beans sent everyone home with chocolate.  Original Beans is very natural chocolate; already way before their cultivation by humans, cacao trees used to grow under the lush canopies of majestic rain forests,  and this is how they still need to grow in order to develop their most intense and flavourful beans: the Original Beans.


Murdock Skincare also added to the goodie bag, letting everyone leave with a men’s skincare gift.  The Shave cream can be applied by hand – it contains ingredients such as evening primrose, borage, sunflower, green tea and marshmallow and gives you the ability to moisturise as you shave.  The Post-Shave Balm soothes and moisturises the skin and seals pores after shaving – becoming an essential concluding part of your shaving routine. It contains extracts of Chamomile and Calendula.  The Hydrating Facial Moisturiser is an energising complex of minerals to help waken and uplifts all skin types, restoring freshness and vitality. Essential vitamins, active ingredients and herb complex hydrate, regenerate, restructure, balance and protect skin. This is a non-greasy moisturiser that is quickly absorbed with a light refreshing scent.  Apply three to four pumps of balm onto the area that you’ve just shaved. Massage in to cool, calm and close the exposed pores.  Prepare a lather in a shaving bowl by mixing a fingertip amount of cream and a dash of water. Proceed to brush the lather on to the bearded area, massaging in a circular and linear motion so that the cream is absorbed into skin in all directions.



Even though the party is over, it doesn’t end here.  Jigsaw will keep designing new clothing for purchase; .Cent will continue keeping you updated.

.Cent’s creative team made this little video for the event – enjoy!

A Collaboration with .Cent and Jigsaw from .Cent Magazine on Vimeo.

A-Z article from .Cent’s Man Explained Issue.

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