Paint Me

By Renee Umsted

Painting is an activity done in cooking and baking, home improvement projects and obviously art, so why not fragrance?

In 2017, the English beauty brand Jo Loves released fragrance paintbrushes. Containing brushes on the tips, the products let users paint perfume–which dries in seconds–on their body.

“Your body is the canvas; you are the artist,” said Jo Malone, the collection’s creator. “Now paint with fragrance.”

Photo credit: Aisle 8


The sixth and newest scent to be added to the line of fragrance paintbrushes, Jo by Jo Loves has notes of grapefruit, lime, black pepper and cedar wood.

The fragrance paintbrushes aren’t the only innovative approaches to fragrance Jo Loves has taken. The brand also sells fragrance graffiti body sprays, which copy the sound of an aerosol can.

When Jo Malone discovered her passion for fragrance, she was working as a facial therapist from her home. Once people realized she had a talent for generating scented products by hand, Malone couldn’t keep up with the demand. She started her first brand, Jo Malone London, which she kept until Estée Lauder Companies bought in in 1999.

Jo Loves is a collection of fragrances, candles and bath and body products inspired by the memories and experiences in life Malone cherishes.

The fragrance paintbrushes are available here

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