Solid; Opposites attract

By Jo Phillips

Feel like treating yourself the next time you have a drink? The internationally renowned brand and world’s largest cognac producer, founded in 1765, Hennessy, has collaborated with several globally famous urban artists including Scott Campbell and Futura. The brand is pleased to announce the known urban artist JonOne as the designer of the 2017 Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition Series.

JonOne made his mark on street art when he became a graffiti artist at the age of 17 and founded a graffiti collective called 156 All Starz. JonOne’s work has been displayed in many shows globally, earning him the reputation of a star of the art world.


“The freedom of the street is what made me want to pursue art in the first place,” says JonOne.
Hennessy Very Special is a unique blend and is the modern version of Hennessy’s Three Star, combining the fresh, vibrant flavours of grilled almonds and grapes.
JonOne believes art is a form of pure emotion. His belief in loving what he does led to his interest in collaborating with Hennessy, as he recognised a brand with a similar passion for their art to his own.

The vibrant, bright and rainbow coloured pattern is featured on the limited edition Hennessy Very Special bottle and accompanying gift box. A gift edition is also available, featuring a 1.75L bottle decorated with JonOne’s tag.

Exclusive to Selfridges

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