Jules Wright; Leaving a Legacy

By Jo Phillips

In a unique way of celebrating women in craft and skill, the Jules Wright Prize was established in 2015 in order to congratulate the achievements of women technicians. The winner of the prize, which is £5,000, is whom the jury believes offers the most significant role in creativity and technicality. The Prize, a creation born from the partnership between The Wapping Project and Film London, is a valuable addition to the industry as it highlights roles that are too often overlooked yet indispensable.


Jules Wright, who founded the Wapping Project art space, died in 2015 and left behind a nurturing legacy designed to curate British, female talent. The 2016 nominees were chosen to celebrate women’s involvement in editing and criteria is as follows:

  • Woman who works as an editor
  • Woman who has played an important role in the area of artists’ moving image production in the UK
  • Woman who has made a significant input in artist filmmakers’ work and career through her creative and technical skills in the field of editing

The jury includes Kate Kinninmont MBE, the CEO of Women in Film and TV (UK), Joan Lesse, the Director of VET Production and training as well as the first winner of the Jules Wright Prize, Noski Deville, who won last year’s cinematography category. Her impressive CV boasts work at The London Filmmakers Co-Op, Goldsmiths College of Art and Portsmouth University (amongst many others), with an additional feat in being the winner of the 2014 Guild of British Camera Technicians award of Best University of Teaching in Cinematography.

The winner of the 2016 Jules Wright Prize for Female Creative Technician was announced on the 28th November. Lucy Harris, the second recipient of the prize, has been lauded for her knowledge in both history and contemporary moving image work. Her thought process, sensitivity and collaborative attitude as earned her much respect in her field.


For more information regarding the shortlisted nominees, click here

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