Juxtapose; Curly Hair Madness

By Jo Phillips

Fizzy hair…AHHH its one of life’s trails (ok first world problems) its caused by a lack of moisture in your hair or informed by humidity and damage, frizz is the outer layer of hair (cuticles) lifting to allow moisture to pass through and swell.  Of course its naturally curly and wavy locks are predisposed to a frenzy of frizz, but there’s no need to give up. Here’s how not to manage your curls:


1| Don’t: wash your hair every day.


Washing your hair too frequently strips the hair of its naturally moisturising oils, making it dry. You can stretch the time between washes by using the new product from Sachajuan’s their Curl Shampoo (250ml, £20). Its Ocean Silk Technology, involving a blend of cold water sea algae, boosts elasticity and shine. It’s sulfate-free and glycerine-packed, too.


Sea algae being the hottest of beauty products now available see (link)


2| Don’t: use a light conditioner.


Curly hair maths is simple: more moisture equals less frizz. Apply conditioner after cleansing, focusing on the lengths and ends, before rinsing out 1-2 minutes later. Twice a week, use the new Sachajuan’s Curl Conditioner (250ml, £22) in your hair instead of shampooing it. It contains surfactants which cleanses your hair without depriving it of natural oils.


3| Don’t: towel rub.


Towel drying your hair after a wash introduces unnecessary friction that damages your hair; provoking frizz. In lieu, gently squeeze the water from your hair with your hand and then let your hair air dry. But don’t forget to finish off with a curl treatment on freshly washed hair. Again the new Sachajuan’s Curl Treatment (250ml, £23) deeply nourishes the hair with its mix of wheat proteins. Leave for 10 minutes and it’ll combat frizz, repair split ends, and rehydrate hair cuticles.


4| Don’t: leave your hair untouched.


Whilst playing with your hair may disrupt its natural curl structure, don’t leave it alone full-time. Brush your hair regularly to help distribute natural oils, preferably with a baor bristle brush, to spread the oils from the scalp/roots to the rest of your hair. Regular bristle brushes can damage and break cuticles – roughening hair – so are best to be avoided.


5| Don’t: leave the house without supplies.


Be sure to pack a frizz toolkit of bobbie pins, travel-size spray serums, quick-drying foaming wrap lotions, or frizz serum, in your bag. Fizz can strike at any humid moment, so pack wisely.


6| Don’t: be afraid to style.

190_SACHAJUAN_Fibre_Paste_75ml 1 copy copy

Paste in long hair may sound sacrilegious, but it can be done. Also, now added are the Sachajuan’s Fibre Paste’s (75ml, £22) fibrous formula can tame thick, coarse hair. Rub then run through the hair using your hands for better control, it’ll create volume, body, and a tactile texture. For shorter do’s, new Sachajuan’s Matt Wax (75ml, £22) makes a matte effect when the hair dries. Top-up throughout the day with Sachajuan Ocean Mist (150ml, £18) to bulk and tousle your look.


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