Juxtaposed: 22 Hour Days

By Jo Phillips

005_The Sky like a thriving forest 2
The Sky Like A Thriving Forest

My work proposes a juxtaposition between the the past and the present. I make comparisons between states of matter and points on the continuum of universal time. My recent series of work ‘22 Hour Days’ considers the length of a day, a period of regularity about which we organize much of our lives.

The images relate to a time in earth’s history when a day was only 22 hours long (about 380 million years ago). The length of a day was recorded in the growth pattern of an ancient coral. The imperceptible slowing of the earth’s rotation is laid side by side with the slowing disappearing moon (it moves away from the earth about 3.8 centimeters per year).

003_Unburied Treasure, Part 3
Unburied Treasure – Part 3

Traces of information slowly alter and are influenced by the atmosphere in which they were created – an evaporative process echoing imperceptible, but measurable changes, like the shifting of continental plates moving and churning at the growth rate of a human hair. At a fulcrum between simplicity and complexity, the benign and inorganic cross a boundary, transitioning to something reproductive, adaptable and living.

Fundamentally the work reaches towards the ultimate juxtaposition, that of energy and information.

014_Dynamic History
Dynamic History

The series ‘22Hour Days’ is currently on show in Calvin Klein stores in Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok.

To view the full series visit timfurzer-artist.com

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