Juxtaposed, A vVsionary in Print

By Jo Phillips

Thomas Ruff: Photographs 1979 – 2017

From 27 September 2017 to  21 January 2018 the Whitechapel gallery London will be hosting a comprehensive exhibition of German Photographer Thomas Ruff’s work.

Interesting the work crosses the boundaries of Portraits to Building to Drawings on newspaper often created in series like his much acclaimed Portrait series from 1981.  Ruff focuses on aesthetics and process, his  imagery, relatively conceptual,  comments on contemporary culture from cosmology to suburbia via nudity and catastrophes.  A truly eclectic collection of work all drawn together via dark, stark yet all seem to contain a surreal humour and show off his true belief in the camera as an art form.

1988_Porträt(P. Stadtbäumer) smller

Porträt (P Stadtbäumer) 198 8C- print 210 × 165 cm © Thomas Ruff



L’Empereur 06 (The Emperor 06) 1982 C-print 30.2 × 40 cm © Thomas Ruff




Haus Nr.11 III (House Nr.11 III) 1990 C-print 193 × 240 cm © Thomas Ruff


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210 × 165 cm

© Thomas Ruff

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