Juxtaposed: Aestheticized Reductions of Self-Representation

By Jo Phillips

Image Courtesy of the Artist
All images courtesy of the Artist.

Coinciding so beautifully with this month’s theme of juxtaposed is artist Derrick Adams’ work. Adams is known for his multi-disciplinarian talents, including performance, sculpture, collages working with various media and presents his work with each individual substance next to one another creating a work of art.

The works on show are very diverse, each highlighting the artist’s ability to contrast each medium he utilises, and each depicting different issues including human interaction, environmental and political concerns for the African-American community and the ever-changing landscapes of American cities.

Image Courtesy of the Artist

Derrick Adams creates juxtaposition throughout his subjects by incorporating elements that belong to the city, such as skyscrapers, into limbs and then meticulously merges all elements of his work to create an image that is very print heavy, but appears almost natural. Could this be a metaphor for these buildings that are man made who are taking over the cities, and in his work, the bodies, of America?

Derrick’s work speaks to a wide range of people as he tackles modern society issues that many of us are subconsciously faced with in big cities in a non-threatening way. Although his work engages with architects, interior designers and town planners, the message is much wider through the on going elements referencing Afro-American culture. From the carved statues to the color scheme chosen, a distinct viewpoint is put across.

Image Courtesy of the artist

We admire innovative artists who are able to translate their work into a broader message with a nod to current sociological issues. The juxtaposition of materials is inspirational, and we highly encourage the viewing of this work.

Hales Gallery is now hosting Derrick Adams‘ solo exhibition entitled ‘Aestheticized Reductions of Self-Representation‘ till 11 January 2014.

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