Juxtaposed: Anna Murphy – Art & Music go Hand in Hand

By Pascal Ebner

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Anna Murphy

We believe that art and music are collateral – Swiss artist and musician Anna Murphy shares this notion and presents not only her first debut album “Cellar Darling” but also a collection of her very own paintings – each dedicated to one of her songs.

Anna doesn’t focus her work on just one genre – with up-to-date Pop tunes, the right amount of Rock and bits and pieces of Electronic, she was able to write an exceptional variety of songs that offer this slight hint of sarcasm. One more reason to take a better look at her self-written lyrics!

Her new album “Cellar Darling”, which is available now, tells an intimate story that Anna usually doesn’t want to share directly with her audience – she’d rather have them listen carefully and visualize it themselves. Her artwork is merely a hint and gives listeners a starting point to unfold this tale.

Since not a lot of artists practice both music and art at the same time, we decided to use the opportunity and ask Anna Murphy herself how she created some of her pieces – inspiration, aspiration and relation to her music – Anna gives us a better explanation on two of her pieces in regard to these points.

The first painting I have ever painted (not counting the ones I did as a child). It happened during my stay in a clinic where I received different kinds of therapy to treat my anxiety disorder amongst other things. Painting was suggested as a good way to treat the mind which I immediately put off as bullshit, but then proved to have some effect on me since I continued and developed an interest in playing around with colours. “Introspection” was originally supposed to be a portrait of the man I love, but ended up looking more like me for some reason, so I guess it’s a failed attempt of a portrait that ended up to be a self-portrait!


Epic Fail:
Initially this painting was supposed to be a symbol of the “future me”, how I planned to develop positively without making the same mistakes as in the past. That bird-like thing is called “Globi” and is a famous Swiss cartoon. So I painted that picture thinking of my childhood, wanting to be more like a child again that wasn’t as scared as the person I became. And I guess that became kind of like my goal, to be a child again. The painting then lay around for a long time and during a really bad period I decided to add the cigarette, the red eyes from sleepless nights and the figures flying around his head to symbolize the state of mind when having consumed drugs. Epic Fail…

Epic Fail

Hear some more of Anna Murphy’s marvelous tracks:

Want to hear more of Anna Murphy? Simply take a look at her official website, Facebook and Twitter. For more tunes head over to SoundCloud to find more songs and tunes by Anna Murphy. Her debut album “Cellar Darling” is available now and can be purchased via iTunes and Booya Music Ltd.

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